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Winter Wonderland Decorated Christmas Tree

December 10, 2013

CHRISTMAS   |   Published December 10, 2013

For me, the Christmas tree is probably my most important Christmas decoration.  If I did no other decorating at Christmas, I would still need to have a tree up.  I'm happy adding some garlands and a few meaningful decorations around my space, but the tree is a must have.

As I mentioned before, I like to do something different with my Christmas tree each year.  I was really torn with how to decorate it this year, though.  I finally opted to do a wintery tree inspired by the wrapping paper I purchased for my holiday gifts.  The tree actually ended up silver and clear, if you can consider clear a color!

Decorating the tree started with lots of white lights....I know there are many who enjoy multicolored lights, but I opt for the basic white.  I love how the white light bounces against whatever color ornaments I've chosen.

Next, I tucked some silver colored chiffon ribbon through the tree....It really catches the light and provides a little shimmer.

The top of the tree is all decked out with a newly purchased tree topper from Pier1 mixed with some snowy branches and glittery greenery from Michaels.

And then the ornaments.....

Clear glass ornaments decorated with a silver glass glitter design (I made these).

Glass glitter pinecones (I also made these!)

Clear glass prisms (These do an amazing job of bouncing the light in the tree.)

Clear icicles

A few steel blue birds

And a couple of dark slate colored mercury glass ornaments

I also tucked a few sprays with greenery and silver berries and some with white berries around the tree.

And then I filled in the empty spaces with some basic silver balls.

Instead of a traditional tree skirt, I used a sheer gray tablecloth with glittery pinecones and greenery.  It really shimmers with the light from the tree above.

Some of the ornaments are handmade while some are purchased.  Some are ornaments I've had for years while others are new.  Some are basic while others are fancy.  It is really a collection  of different pieces....I think that is one thing than can make for a really interesting Christmas tree.  A little variety is a great thing!

And now for a tree decorating tip.....

While it took awhile to come up with an idea and put the tree together, I'm thrilled with how the tree ended up.  Later in the week I'll be sharing the mantel I created to coordinate with the tree.  Be sure to check back!

So how are you decorating your tree this year?

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