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August 15, 2013

Last week, I listed the planner that I've been using to keep track of where I've promoted my posts.  I'm so encouraged by the wonderful comments that I've received from it.  I'm hoping it can help more than just me to stay organized.

Today I'd like to share a planner I've created for listing items on Etsy.  I love that I can sit down and really think through my listing before actually typing it on the computer.  Although I know a lot of people like things to be digital and computerized, I'm still a paper person.  I like know that at any moment I can pull out my binder and look at information that I need.  (I've also lost enough important information that I had stored on my computer and flash drives, that I prefer a paper copy that can't disappear!)

It's been really exciting to sell a lot of the things I have listed on my Etsy page.  I am new at selling on the site and have found that it takes some work to really get your items seen.  There are some wonderful free sites out there, though, where you can link your product to have it promoted.  There are also some blogs that have weekly link up parties promoting items for sale.

I've customized this printable for what I need to know to put my listings on Etsy.  The top section has the details of my listing....title, listing date, shop section, and price.  I also can box up the item and record the weight and box size to figure out an accurate shipping price (and then the information is ready when the item is sold and I need to purchase a shipping label).

The center has a space where I can write down some details of what I'm selling, like the size of the item and any qualities I think would be important in the listing.  I can write ideas in this space as I'm working on the project so that I don't forget anything.  Underneath the description section are boxes I can check off as I complete steps in the listing process - Completed, Photo, Listed, Sold.

Down the side is spaces for tags and materials.  Etsy allows 13 phrases for each of these two sections, so I've added 13 lines for each to fill.

At the bottom, I have check off boxes for websites that I may want to promote or relist my product.  The site is similar to Etsy and is a place where I can list my item for sale in case it isn't sold and I want a new audience.  

So there it is.  Another way to stay organized with a printable.  You can click on the pictures below to download either my personalized planner or a blank one where you can write in your own websites.

Etsy Planner

Blank Etsy Planner

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