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How to Make Realistic DIY Berry Branches

Last fall, I did a post on creating realistic looking stems for your faux pumpkins.  In my opinion, the stems are what can instantly give it away that you're looking at something fake.  Some people aren't bothered by this, but I am the type that likes the real thing whenever possible.  And if I can't have that, then what I'm using better be as close as possible!

Well, today I'm sharing my way of transforming some faux berry branches into something that will also look a little more real.

Learn how to create realistic looking branches from a berry garland.  |

If you're willing to spend the money, it is possible to buy fake flowers and branches that look almost real.  But what normally gives them away, especially if you're displaying them in a clear vase, is the stem (or branch).  No matter how real the flower looks, the dark brown plastic "stem" screams that you've stuck a fake flower in a vase.

Simple tutorial for making realistic DIY berry branches.

Decorating with branches |

This project is really easy to do and cost me less than $10 for the chance to have a bit of nature indoors year round.  

So here is how you can transform some fake berries into realistic branches to decorate your home.....

How to create realistic berry branches |

I recently purchased a berry garland that has relatively real looking leaves and berries, yet the garland itself was made of paper wrapped wire.  (And you'll have to believe me when I say that this garland really does look real.....there is something about me, my camera, and taking pictures of something fake that makes it look really fake on screen!)

Knowing that I wanted branches and not a garland, I set off on a trip outside and cut some branches off of a berry bush in the woods.

Then I removed the leaves leaving just the branches.

I unwound the sprays of berries from the garland.  Then each spray was taken apart into individual stems.  

Those stems were wrapped around the real branch and positioned just like the real leaves had been.

I left some of the pieces of branch that didn't have berries on them as though I had just went out and gathered branches now that they are starting to loose their leaves.  You could remove all of the unused twigs if this look is a little to wild for you.

Easy way to make faux greenery look like real branches.  |

This is a great project to try to incorporate some branches with leaves into your fall decor, too.  I love seeing bits of nature brought into the house in different ways, but living things only last for so long indoors.  This is a way to combine the ease of buying flowers and leaves from the craft store with the beauty of the real thing.

Create a simple rustic display with berry branches.  |

You may have noticed these branches in my pictures yesterday of my painted chair.  In case you haven't had a chance to check out the post yet, be sure to take a moment to see my project AND sign up for the chance to win $150 worth of Fusion Mineral Paint products!

Hope you have a great day friends!

Rustic farmhouse display on a wood bench.  |

Simple floral display of berry branches on a bench.  |

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