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A Rustic Green and White Fall

September 9, 2015

FALL   |   Published September 9, 2015

Last year I was completely inspired by a Thanksgiving tablescape on Rooms for Rent.  Bre decorated her table with green pumpkins and mercury glass candleholders.  Absolutely stunning.  It got me thinking almost immediately about what I'd like to do for fall 2015 and I've been planning ever since.

If you saw my post yesterday, you got a glimpse at where my decorating ideas are headed.  But that was just a quick display without me going into full on decorating mode.    There is plenty more to come.

Last year, my fall decorations were bright.  My living room was cozy, but featured a lot of orange. Crazy for fall, I know!  The dining room was not quite as bright, but also featured a lot of oranges and yellows.  Over the past few months, I've found myself leaning more towards neutrals and calmer colors.  I'm still looking for warm and cozy, though, because that is really the way I want to feel through the fall.  Calm and serene sounds perfect.

So, this year's decorating is going to be toned down color wise and focus on beautiful green pumpkins and squash, white pumpkins, still green oak leaves, rustic wood, and burlap.  It is really difficult for some reason to find unique green and white pumpkins in my area, but I'm going to do my best!  It isn't a traditional fall color pallet, but still is drawing on actual colors of nature this time of year.

I plan on doing another pumpkin tutorial for you this year, but rather than a rainbow of pumpkin colors, I'd like to stick to greens and creams.  That should be coming next week.  They will fill in around any real ones I might be able to pick up.

And of course there will be a fall home tour with some other great bloggers.  Let's all cross our fingers that I can get my decorating done soon!

I'm a big fan of gathering inspiration and creating a visual idea for where I'm headed.  Seeing pictures of a specific look and color scheme really helps me plan.  Today I thought I'd share some pictures that will be my guide as I create and decorate this autumn.

What are you're plans for decorating this season?  I've been seeing a lot of greens and blues already this fall, so I'm guessing that I'm not the only one embracing a neutral pallet.  Are you a traditionalist and stick to the tried and true fall colors or are you willing to try something new?

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