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Updating a Vintage Chair with White Paint

August 31, 2015

CREATE   |   Published August 31, 2015

Champlain White Fusion Paint Vintage Chair {}

I am seriously so excited to share this project with you today!  Over the past few months I've really tried to hone in on what my style actually is and follow my own heart and mind when designing.  In the blogging world I live in, it is some days a struggle to not be lead into doing what everyone else is doing.  This chair, as simple as it is, really is a representation of my style.

Really distressed.




Check out this post to see how a $1 yard sale find was turned into a beautiful shabby chair with Fusion Mineral Paint |

I'm joining in today with some other talented girls to share a project using Fusion Mineral Paint.  (I've used this paint in the past on my farmhouse shelf.)  There is also a giveaway at the end of this post for you to win $150 worth of Fusion products to try yourself!

Yesterday I mentioned that this wasn't the intended project for today.  That was a dresser and it is still very incomplete.  But this chair was sitting in the wings waiting patiently for me to see that it needed a makeover, too.

This chair was at a moving sale I stopped at over Fourth of July weekend.  I had passed it up the first time I stopped because it didn't have a price....I'm not a person who likes to ask.  But I kept thinking about the chair and went back on the Fourth to see if it was still there.  It was and I asked the price.  Since it was half price day, I got if for ONE dollar.  Seriously!  This beautiful chair was a buck.

Yard Sale Chair

The downside to the beautiful chair was that the woman's dog had obviously thought it was a bone for awhile because it was chewed on the bottom.  That part got filled with a little spackling and it was as good as new.

I sanded the chair a bit to remove the glossy finish.  The wood underneath was actually really nice and I'm thinking if the whole thing were sanded down it would have a very Restoration Hardware look to it.  But thanks to Fido and his teeth, the chair needed to be painted.

It took a couple smooth coats of Champlain colored Fusion Mineral Paint to cover the chair.  It was the perfect shade of white for this project.  Not too bright, but not too beige.

Champlain (White) Fusion Mineral Based Furniture Paint

After the paint dried, I distressed it a lot.  My favorite part about using this paint is that there is no waxing or sealing needed over the finished paint.  I love anytime that I can eliminate a step in the process to get things done.

See how paint can transform a trash to treasure yard sale chair.  |

Beautiful yard sale chair updated with Fusion Mineral Paint |

White chalk painted chair with drop cloth seat. |

The seat was upholstered in drop cloth.  It may be a fancy chair, but I wanted something simple for fabric.  And I was done.  (Definitely a faster project than the dresser!)

Update a chair with drop cloth upholstery. |

The details of this chair are what really make it special....

Turned legs....

Turned leg on a vintage dining chair.  |

Carved back....

Carved back on a vintage dining room chair.  |

Fancy front....

Antique dining chair

Looking at the chair makes me happy for some reason.  It is a good feeling to recognize that I finally know what my style is and am able to focus on that.  I couldn't be any happier with how it turned out.

Antique dining room chair painted white with drop cloth seat.  |

Cottage style dining room chair |

Thanks so much to Jennylyn from Fusion Mineral Paint for providing the free paint for this project.  I love having the opportunity to experiment with a new finish and share it with all of you.  (You can view my disclosure policy here.)


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And now I would love for you to take a look at the other Fusion Mineral Paint projects from some amazing bloggers!  Thanks for stopping by today to see my little makeover.  Tomorrow I've got a really easy way to create some realistic looking berry branches for decorating your home.


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**  This post may contain affiliate links.  You can view my full disclosure here.

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