A Short Late Summer Update

August 9, 2020

A quick look at what is coming up here on the blog through the fall.

Hello my dear reader!  How have you been doing?

It has been close to a month and a half since I last popped onto your screens with my Entryway Reveal.  Although I originally had many different things planned to share here for this summer, stepping back and slowing down ended up being more important.  

Let's face it.  Right now, there is no point in trying to force things to happen.  It's been more important than ever these past months to really listen to what our minds and bodies are telling us to do (and not do) in order to get through this and not completely loose our sanity!

As the fall season draws nearer, I'm excited for a change of pace - Putting out different decor, seeing nature change its colors, pumpkin flavor everything. We've had a lot of the same for months and I think with many schools and sporting events starting back up, along with the seasonal changes outside, we can maybe start feeling like something new is happening.

Today I wanted to touch on a few things that will be happening here, starting with....


Way back in January (which feels like at least 24 months ago), I wrote a post about my plans for the upcoming yearMost of what I had envisioned has gone completely out the window, but I had mentioned that I'd like to get an online shop up and running by fall. And I'm happy to say that this will be one thing I can cross off my list.

Plans are for it to be "open" for you to browse and purchase beginning next Sunday, August 16.  I'll be adding new things as I get them.

My aim is to have a nice mix of vintage, one-of-a-kind pieces mixed with handmade items and home decor.  I'll be filling the shop with only the things and style that I would use in my own home so you know the look to expect.  Luckily, I've had some luck finding things locally lately even though shopping events have been canceled and I haven't been able to get out of town to search for treasures.

You'll find my shop at shop.andersonandgrant.com.  (Just add shop and a period in front of my normal website address).  


New posts for fall will be starting here on the blog around August 24.  On the schedule are some seasonal room tours and DIY projects, likea pot how to turn those brightly colored foams pumpkins from the craft store into a completely realistic looking heirloom one.  Also, the popular Tastes of the Season recipe series and Printables Tours are returning.  

I'm going to try my best to be a more present on Instagram as well since that was another one of my big 2020 goals.  Are you following me there?


I haven't shared anything about the Breakfast Nook renovations since March.  Once I started working on the entryway for the One Room Challenge, that space got put on hold. 

The plan was to get it done immediately after that ended, but what I discovered about my bright, light-filled room this summer with weeks of really hot weather and high humidity is that is NOT a room you want to be laboring in under those conditions, so progress was slow.  I still love all the light streaming in, though, and it is the perfect place for snapping the pictures of stuff for the shop.

A post is coming about what has been done in this space, but the walls are painted, the ceiling is done and the trim is up around the door and windows.  I've still got to do the trim around the ceiling.  

Unfortunately, the flooring has been put on hold for the moment. Thanks to the increase in everyone fixing up their homes over the past few months, lumber is harder to get at the moment and what is coming into the stores is fresh.  I've decided to hold off for awhile purchasing what I need just to ensure the quality is right. I also never purchased a light fixture and am still trying to find "the one."


Last year, I got interested in the craft of making paper flowers and bought a couple books.  It took me awhile, but I finally bought the paper earlier in the year and started playing around with making fall oak leaves that I think end up looking pretty realistic.

Each leaf is individually cut from patterns I created from real leaves.  Each are shaped and hand shaded to resemble a real leaf as it is changing colors.  Then a bunch of the leaves are wired together to form one branch.  It's pretty time consuming, but I've enjoyed experimenting with them when I have time.

I'm thinking of adding some of these branches to the shop. Would you be interested? 


If there is anything you'd love to see here on the blog this fall (or in the shop), share with me in the comments below or shoot me an email.  I love hearing your suggestions and questions.

I hope you've been doing as well as can be expected this summer and that you are finding ways to enjoy the good things in life.  Sending you lots of love!


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