Welcome March

March 1, 2020

Looking back over what happened here on the blog in February and looking ahead at what is to come.

Trees in winter

March for me is always the month where I start to see light at the end of the winter tunnel.  This winter has actually been pretty mild and at the moment there isn't even more than just a light layer of snow covering the ground.

I can't complain, but that doesn't mean that I'm still not very much looking forward to warmer days, spring blossoms popping up, and turning the clocks ahead to gain a little more sunlight in our day.  It always seems easier to be productive and work harder the closer we get to spring.


February started with me feeling so excited about finally being able to share my finished living room, and with big plans for the month, and then I think I kind of crashed.  Between the weather, being sick, and numerous other obligations, I didn't progress like I had hoped on the house or the blog.  But that's life and I did what I could.  Maybe I just needed a little break before beginning again.

  • I did start demo in the breakfast nook and have posted a few videos in my Instagram stories.  I've saved them in my highlights in case you missed anything.  And now that I know exactly what I'm working with in the room, I'm pretty much done planning what to do with the space.  I'll be sharing my design ideas with you tomorrow here on the blog and then the demo progress and eventual reveal by (fingers crossed) the end of March.

  • Along those same lines, this was actually the first time I've ever shared videos of myself on Instagram, so I'm pretty excited about taking that leap.  Back in my Welcome January post, I had written that I wanted to start small with IG before eventually creating videos for YouTube.  I know it is no big deal for some of you, but it definitely pushes me outside of my comfort zone to be in front of the camera.


  • The changing season means the start of the spring home tours and projects.  I'm in a couple of tours later in the month with some blogging friends and also have a few other spring posts planned like a full spring living room and Easter brunch tablescape, assuming I can get the breakfast nook completed.  I had a little girl's day out shopping yesterday with my mom and aunt and was able to find a few new spring decor pieces that I can't wait to use. 

  • In addition to hopefully having the breakfast nook reveal by the end of the month, you will be seeing how I've spruced up outside where you enter the house.  The doors and windows of the house were replaced last year, but I left the main door as it was since it was an old and/or original wood door.  I'm working on refinishing the door, adding trim around the frame, and installing new hardware.

  • I purchased an old, in-need-of-some-love table at an estate sale probably four or five years ago that has been sitting in my barn ever since.  It's going to be a perfect size for the breakfast nook, so I'll be sharing the before and after of that project, along with a few other quick DIY ideas to add to the room.

  • I also need to be doing some serious planning and start work on the inside where you come into the house.  I mentioned last month I'll be joining in the One Room Challenge that starts in April.  It is really exciting to think that by mid-May I could officially be done with THREE rooms in the house!

Now that we've done a quick review and preview, I'd really like to hear what you'd enjoy learning about here through the month of March.  Anything spring related that you need help with?  Or maybe something dealing with renovating your own homes?  Let me know in the comments below, send me a DM on Instagram or shoot me an email.




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