Welcome January

December 30, 2018

A fresh start to the new year and free printables to use this January.

Happy New Year's Eve Day!  I hope that the Christmas holiday was an enjoyable one for you and that the new year starts off with the hope and optimism that it should.

Today I wanted to quickly pop in to welcome you to a new month (and year) here at anderson + grant as well as share this month's free printables with you.

Free January Calendar and To Do List

Free Printable Perpetual Calendar

Although I typically consider myself a summer girl who enjoys sunshine, warm weather, and the freedom of being able to get outdoors, January is one of my favorite months.  At no other time do we all seemingly join together with a new mindset trying to do what we can to become our best selves.  Whether or not you actually set resolutions for change, it it likely that you still welcome that chance for a fresh start.

In my mind, January is about returning to the basics......getting back to what matters most.....creating some mental and physical space where you can thrive and grow....putting routines and habits in place that will guide you to success.  It can also be a time for recharging your body and soul and focusing inward rather than seeking validation and joy from the outside and social media world.  And like me, this may all happen with a bit of hibernating and staying indoors after over a month filled with shopping and holiday events.

Those are all things that I'd like to touch on in posts this month (and on our monthly to do list below)  as we all aim to find some peace in the life we are living. Although I can honestly look back and feel blessed for things I experienced in 2018, I am excited and looking forward to experiencing this new year and what it has to offer.

And as as side note, I'm choosing to enter this year resolution free.....no list of things I need to change, no "word of the year" to keep in mind.  This is my year to let God and my heart guide me where I need to go and keep things slow and simple.  2019 is my year to really give up control that I never really had in the first place!

There is a plan in my mind for where I want to see anderson + grant go this year, but I'm also leaving things pretty God-guided here as well and just seeing how everything progress.  I've gotten pretty far away from the joy in blogging and the direction I had always seen this blog going so it is time to let things unfold a little more naturally for a change.

I can say that in a few weeks I plan on finally having a little before tour of the house I announced last summer I'd be fixing up.  My mind has been all over the place with how I want to do this for the blog and back and forth over design plans, but I'll share all that with the tour.  Suffice it to say, that renovations will finally be starting.

And now for our monthly printables......I had asked with the December printables if this was a series you were enjoying and what you were using.  From the feedback, I've made a few changes, but kept some things the same.

The monthly to do list looks a little different and more focused this year.  If you preferred the design of the printable last year, it has been updated with the 2019 holidays and can be printed out and used again.

January To Do List

The calendar is the same except there is no inspirational quote for 2019.  This leaves you free to use the space for whatever works best for you.....write in your own quote, make note of birthdays and important dates, list a few goals you have for the month.

I love using this calendar for planning out my meals for the month.

Free Printable January Calendar

And finally I've added a bonus printable....sometimes it may be a quote like we had last year, but this month I wanted to give you something handy to keep your organized and on top of things in 2019.  I made a perpetual calendar that can be used to record birthdays, anniversaries, and important dates and used year after year.  It is available in three different color options - pink/orange, green/blue, and gray.  



Printable Perpetual Calendar

And again, if you liked having a quote to print out, all them from last year are still available.

I am aiming for posting these free printables on the first of every month, but plan on sending the links to my subscribers a bit before that because I know many of you like to get a jump on planning for the next month before it actually gets here.  So if you would like to be able to download the printables each month before anyone else, please be sure to subscribe in the box at the end of this post or up near the top in the sidebar.

I'd love to hear what your plans are for the new year...what you are working on and what you're leaving in 2018.  And I'd also like you to let me know what printables you'd like to see made in addition to the calendar and to do list each month.

Free Printable 2019 calendar



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