Free Printables for May

Free  printables for May that will help organize your month, tackle some must-do chores, and stay inspired.

Beautiful printables to download for free each month - calendar, monthly to do list, and inspirational quote. #freeprintable #printables #printablecalendar #inspirationalquote

As we enter into the month of May tomorrow, the time has come to really start digging into those outdoor chores so that they can be done and out of the way, leaving plenty of time to fully enjoy the summer months that lie ahead.  It feels so good to get the flower beds weeded, porches repaired, and windows cleaned.

Everything You Need to Know to Mix and Match Throw Pillows

Mix and match different throw pillows for your home with the confidence of a  professional using these five easy to follow tips.

The basics of mixing and matching pillows for your sofa or bed #throwpillows #howtodecorate #decorate #pillows #andersonandgrant

Throw pillows can complete the look of your home, just like the right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit.   They are one of the last accessories to be added, but can set the tone for the entire style of a room.  Because there are many options to choose from at a wide range of prices, adding pillows to your sofa or bed is the easiest and most cost effective way to completely change the feel of the space.  They provide a pop of color, texture, and pattern and can be restyled often to easily refresh your decor.

20 Classic Dark Blue Area Rugs for Any Budget

If you are searching for a dark blue area rug for your home, consider your shopping done for you with these twenty classic rug choices available online.

When designing any space, large furniture like sofas and dining tables are considered investment pieces.  They are the items that you pay a lot of money for with the hope they will last for quite some time both in condition and style.  

But something else to buy that can be just as pricey (and many time more so) are the area rugs.   They add color, texture, pattern, and style to the room and can be the foundation to an entire design.  Oftentimes a single rug can influence the paint, fabric and furniture choices in a space.

Pudding Chocolate Chip Cookies | How to Make Perfect Cookies

Basic chocolate chip cookies are given a unique flavor twist with the addition of a box of JELLO vanilla pudding to the ingredients.  Get the recipe and learn everything you need to know to pull these perfect bakery-style cookies out of the oven every time.

Fixer Upper DIY Projects for Your Home

A collection of easy DIY projects for your home inspired by Joanna Gaines and the show "Fixer Upper."  Whether you use thrift store finds or makeover unwanted items you already have, it doesn't have to cost a lot of money to decorate with stylish modern farmhouse decor.
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