DIY Felt Coasters for Your Hot and Cold Drinks

Protect wood furniture from being damaged by warm beverages or condensation with theses stylish and easy to make DIY felt coasters.

Learn how to make these quick and easy DIY felt coasters for under your hot and cold beverages. #DIY #coaster #felt #andersonandgrant

Cups filled with a hot beverage and wood furniture are normally not a good combination.  I'm always a little nervous setting my morning mug of coffee down in my bedroom when getting dressed fearing that I'm going to see a ring form on my dresser from the heat.

I realized a little DIY was in order and wanted to share what I did so that you can make some of these unique coasters for your own home.  It is a really affordable project and is easy to do regardless of your crafting skills.  And what is really fun about this DIY is that they can be made to suit your own style and color preferences.

Free February Printables

Free monthly printables to help you organize your month, tackle some must-do chores, and stay inspired.

Stay organized and inspired in 2018 with these free printables - an inspirational quote, 2018 printable calendar, and monthly to do list.  | #freeprintable #printablecalendar

Can you believe that we are already so close to being done with the month of January?  I hope that your year started off well and you're still motivated towards working on the goals that you set for 2018.  

Last month I started a new series with a couple different monthly downloads to help you stay inspired and on top of what needs done for the month.  (You can find the previous months here.)  It was so nice to hear from  many of you that you liked the format and found the printables really helpful.  They are a lot of fun to put together and I find myself learning a few things as I make them.

Add Style to Your Winter Home with Decorative Throws

Throw blankets are important for more than just warmth in the winter.  They can be an essential piece of your decor.  

A decorative throw is not only important for warmth in the winter but adds style, texture, and color to your decor.  |

During the cold winter months, we all understand the importance of having a cozy throw or two close at hand.  There is nothing much that I like better than being able to snuggle under a soft blanket for a night of TV watching  or reading by the fireplace.  There is something comforting about being wrapped up indoors while the wind and snow blow outside the window.

But what we turn to for warmth is also a valuable item to add a decorative touch to our homes.

Keep Snowy Boots from Melting on Your Floors with this DIY Boot Tray

During the winter, bringing snowy boots and shoes into the house in inevitable.  But this easy project for a DIY Boot Tray will allow the boots to dry thoroughly and keep the snow and water off of your floors.

During the winter, bringing snowy boots and shoes into the house in inevitable.  But this easy project for a DIY Boot Tray will allow the boots to dry thoroughly and keep the snow and water off of your floors. #winter #organize #mudroom #andersonandgrant

If there is snow outside of your home this winter, it is highly likely snow is being brought inside on everyone's boots and shoes.

Maybe it is from your children outside building snowmen.  Or possibly it is from your spouse  shoveling the sidewalk.  And it just might be on your own shoes from going out to get the mail.

It doesn't matter who is outside or what they are doing....during the winter you need a reliable way to make sure that the shoes dry out and the snow doesn't end up on your precious floors.  A little prevention goes a long way in keeping your house clean during the messy winter months.

An Easy Alternative to Making Homemade Soup this Winter

During  winter, soup becomes a go-to meal as it provides warmth from the cold outside.  While you may feel homemade is best, there are delicious alternatives for days when you don't have the time or energy to make it.  Prepared correctly with a few homemade touches, you likely won't even know the difference.

A few special details give this Idahoan potato soup a fresh, homemade taste for a warm winter meal.  |

Thank you Idahoan® Steakhouse® Soups for sponsoring this post. Grab yourself a bowl and celebrate National Soup Month with me!

When temperatures dip below freezing as they have been for awhile through much of the country, we all reach for the things that will warm us and make us feel cozy.  Whether it is snuggling under a heavy throw or wrapping our hands around a mug of hot chocolate, our bodies and souls crave warmth from all of the cold.
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