Tips for Choosing the Best Cucumbers

Learn how to choose the best cucumbers at the market and how to store them once you bring the fruit home.  |

July is the month you really start seeing fresh cucumbers available at local farmer's markets and in your own backyard garden.  These fruits (yes, like tomatoes, cucumbers are a fruit) taste their best when eaten soon after being picked and you can pretty much trust that they are ripe and juicy when buying them directly from the person who grew them.

But what if you don't have access to fresh-from-the-garden produce or you are buying the cucumbers outside of the growing season?

Learning to Decorate with Confidence and Create a Home You Love

Learn the basics to decorate with confidence and create a home you love.  |

Our homes can say a lot about us.  They are an incredible form of self-expression and creating that home is a very personal process.  Whether you are single or married, with kids or living in an empty nest, dwelling in a country farmhouse or an apartment in a bustling city, you want your home to be your safe place.....your sanctuary.  It is your haven away from work and the troubles of the world.  And it should be filled with things that inspire you, remind you of happy moments, and bring you peace.  Where you live should look and feel like somewhere you can't wait to return to.

Making a Wood Bead Garland out of a Thrift Store Bracelet

This easy tutorial will teach you to create a stylish wood bead garland #DIY #FarmhouseDecor #DIYDecor #andersonandgrant

It has become very popular to use strings of wood beads in vignettes around the home.  Whether they are draped over a stack of books, falling out of a decorative bowl, or wrapped around the neck of a large glass jar, these bead garlands add texture and movement to any display.  You've likely seen them being used in your favorite blogs, magazines, or even the Pottery Barn catalog.
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