Artful Blogging Magazine Feature

November 17, 2016

 There are certain milestones that just about every blogger out there tries to strive for in their career.  One of them is get your first reader that isn't a relative or best friend.  Another is to to get a mention on a favorite website like Country Living or Better Homes and Gardens.  And still another is to find out that one of your own blogging idols follows your blog or social media accounts.

One of the biggest honors, though, is to receive an email in your inbox letting you know that a magazine wants to feature your work.  I was lucky enough a little over a year ago to have a feature of two of my DIY projects in Reloved Magazine.  And I was overjoyed.

But back at the beginning of the summer, I opened my inbox to see an email from Artful Blogging Magazine letting me know they wanted to include my work in an upcoming issue AND that I would be writing the article to go along with it.  To see your photography appearing with your own words is a dream come true.  Seeing my name as the author still makes my heart skip a beat.

I really poured my heart into this article describing my blogging journey and the things I struggle with.  But I also wrote to inspire those who also blog or lead a creative life and to offer hope to keep pushing through the disappointments to accomplish the goals you set for yourself.

And in a sweet little twist of fate, the front of the magazine contains a small reminder to myself to overcome something that I struggle with on an almost daily basis.  I probably need  to carry my own little quote around with me!

I'm also excited to be able to share space in the article with my friend Ashley from Little Glass Jar.  Her style and photography always leave me inspired.  You can read about her thoughts on a feature on her blog.

You can find this magazine on sale now at places like Barnes and Nobel and most craft stores.  You can also order a copy on their website.

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