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Thrift Store Cloche Makeover for Less than $1

May 23, 2016

CREATE   |   Published May 23, 2016

If you've been following this blog for long, it should come as no surprise that I love to find strange things at second hand stores and turn them into something useful and decorative.  Being able to look at something that someone has no use for and transforming it into a stylish work of art is fun and challenging.  My mind has always been able to envision something better and see potential in cast-off items.

Not too long ago, I came across this glass dome at Goodwill and instantly imagined it being turned into a cloche.  I've yet to figure out what this item must have been in it's previous life, but it obviously was no longer serving a purpose for its owner.  Problem was that my find was $4 which in my world is more than I'm typically willing to spend at a thrift store for something like this.  So I kept on walking.

Fast forward a couple weeks and I popped into the store again.  Lo and behold my glass cloche-to-be was still there and now on clearance for 35 cents.  In this case it was worth it to wait (although we won't discuss the large frame I also passed by that wasn't still at the store.  I'm still imagining the beautiful chalkboard I could have made out of it.  Let's move on, shall we?)

This was such an easy project and the result is very similar to the Nantucket versions from stores like Birch Lane and Pottery Barn with a slight Restoration Hardware feel because of the metal band around the bottom.  (Amazon has some similar glass cloches with rope handles.)  All of these versions have retailed for right around $99, so I'm pretty pleased with my 35 cent bargain.

So what did I do to makeover my "worthless" glass dome?

To make the "rope" handle, I decided to use thick jute twine because that's what I had at the house. (This twisted jute rope would work perfectly, too.)  Using one strand of the twine wasn't thick enough to make a chunky knot, so I hot glued three strands together, twisting them around as I glued to form a coil-like appearance.

Then the "rope" was thread through the hole in the top, tying a knot just underneath the opening and right on top.  An extra knot was tied at the end.  I added a bit more hot glue just to ensure that the knots stayed together.

Right now, I'm using the wood base from another glass cloche that I purchased, but I plan on picking up a wood plaque the next time I'm at the craft store and staining it.  It could easily sit directly on a table or in a display without it as well.

Cloches are so useful for decorating around the home and can be used in so many ways.  For this example I tucked a vintage book, an old glass jar and a sprig of boxwood inside.  But the sky is the limit.....fill it with rolled up sheet music, a bunch of ornaments at Christmas, or jack-be-little pumpkins in the fall.

Placing just about anything under the glass dome turns it into something special and highlights small treasures that may otherwise go unnoticed.

As a side note, would you believe that I picked up all these vintage books at an estate sale recently for $2?!?!  They were a quarter each and are all at least 75 years old.  Plus the spines are in my favorite shades of neutral so they fit right into my decor.  It doesn't take much to make me happy.

I'm so thrilled that my initial thought of using this thrift store dome as a cloche worked out so well.  And you can't beat the money saved off of the fancy versions!

Is there anything you've found second hand recently that is just as good as something from those pricey retailers?

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