Trip to a Farm Market

September 15, 2015

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When I first settled on my green and cream color palette for this year's fall season, I got a little worried that maybe I had boxed myself into a corner.  Was I going to be able to buy, make, or find enough items for the house in that color scheme and not to look empty.  Living in a part of PA that doesn't seem to sell many white pumpkins or unique fall gourds, I got a little nervous that I was going to have to forego my plan and stick with a more traditional orange pumpkin color.

I was counting on a particular farm stand about an hour and a half away from my house to have what I needed.  For last year's Thanksgiving table they were the only place I was able to find some Baby Boos.  Did you know that is what miniature white pumpkins are called?  The orange ones are Jack-Be-Littles. That is your pumpkin lesson for the day.  The plan was to drive there and get some pumpkins, squash, and corn stalks this upcoming weekend. (Which I now realize was too late, because I've already done a few posts like this one using what I was going to buy.)

Garden trellis at Mason's Farms in Erie, PA

But that was the plan until tragedy struck......I had to drive through the small town a few weeks ago to get to a The Home Depot to pick up supplies for my Rustic Pumpkins Stand.  Seriously, I don't have many places to shop where I'm at.  Anyways,  I decided to stop and pick up some pumpkins while I was there, pulled into the parking lot and realized........My farm stand had shut down.  Fear set in!

Stack of White Pumpkins at Farmer's Market

Orange Pumpkins piled at Farm Market

Luckily, I was in Erie, PA over Labor Day weekend and wandered into a market right in the city that I had seen but never visited.  And it was like a gold mine of pumpkins and gourds in shades of green and cream right there on a four lane, fast moving highway.  It was literally neutral fall heaven. I should have snapped a few more pictures, but I think I was so in awe of their large amount of produce and their cute displays that I forgot until I was just about ready to leave.

There is something really enjoyable about walking through a farmer's market anytime of the year.  Fresh produce.  Pretty flowers.  Bales of hay.  It's incredibly calming, for me anyways.

Bins of Fall Gourds

As I wander around, I find myself thinking about the time and energy that it takes for farmers to plant, grow, harvest, and display what they are selling.  It is easy to forget about that when we rush into the grocery store, throw our tomatoes in a clear plastic bag, and hurry to the checkout counter.  I realize THAT produce is grown by farmer's, too, but it doesn't give me the same straight from the garden feeling and I don't feel like I'm pressured to shop quickly in a place like this.  Plus, I love seeing fruits and vegetables neatly displayed in crates.  I'm always a fan of a nice presentation.

Mason Farms in Erie, PA

So, where I'm going to find corn stalks is still up in the air, but my farm market came through for me with everything else.  I live in a corn growing area and why I can't seem to find corn stalks in the fall is beyond me.  Is that something Lowe's sells?  Have I been missing them?

So that is my story for today.  Have you been anywhere to pick up some fresh pieces of fall yet?  Feel free to share your own stories with me below in the comments or on Facebook or Instagram.

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