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Decorating with Ironstone in the Fall

September 28, 2015

FALL   |   Published September 28, 2015

Simple display for fall with a collection of ironstone and brown transferware.  |

Out of all the areas that I showed last week in my fall house tour, my favorite was a cupboard filled  with the white pottery that I've been collecting.    It was hard to focus too much on just one area during the tour, so I thought today I'd take a moment and explain my thoughts behind creating a cohesive ironstone display in your fall decor.

Hutch filled with a collection of ironstone for fall.  |

I've mentioned the fall decorating I want to show this year would be simple and calming and that is exactly how I feel looking at this display.  There is something so beautiful about a collection like this, whether it is real 1800s ironstone or random plates and cups from Goodwill.  It all looks crisp and clean displayed together and can be transformed into seasonal decor with just a few autumn touches.

Display ironstone with pumpkins, leaves, and burlap for a beautiful fall display.  |

I enjoy finding ways to enhance everyday decor for the season.  Being able to incorporate your collections and favorite pieces into your fall and Christmas decorating makes your style seem natural and consistent.  You can showcase how you live year round.

And it makes decorating less complicated than having to haul out box after box of decorations.  You can focus more on the treasures than mean something to you.

Fill open shelves with a collection of ironstone and pumpkins and leaves for a simple fall display.  |

So, here are my tips for creating a beautiful fall display using a collection like ironstone.

Have something old.....

Vintage ironstone teapot  |  anderson + grant

And something a little more new.

White pottery teapot displayed on a vintage book.  |  anderson + grant

Add a bit of color (in this case brown transferware).....

Vintage brown Chrysanthemum transferware plate.  |

And a little texture with burlap or other fabrics.

Add burlap to a fall display to add texture.  |

Place pumpkins in bowls.....

Easy fall decorating idea....add a pumpkin to an ironstone bowl.  |

and tuck in some leaves to fill empty spaces.

Tuck freshly preserved leaves into a fall display.  |

Stack dishes vertically in piles....

Stack ironstone dishes and tureens in a hutch for an interesting display.  |

And create layers of dishes from the front of the display to the back.

Create an interesting display by adding layers |

Add symmetry....

Show symmetry in a display of ironstone.  |

And leave some spaces a bit more random.

Create an interesting ironstone display for fall.  |

It is all about creating little moments to give your eyes something interesting and different to look at.  A beautiful display will make you look all around and notice different things, while still giving you places where you can rest.

Learn how to create a beautiful display for fall using a hutch full of ironstone.  |  anderson + grant

And most importantly, a beautiful display is something that makes you proud to have put it together.  You can follow "rules" and tips or follow your heart and mind.  Either way, create something that is pleasing to your eyes and  is filled with some of your favorite things.

Learn how to create a beautiful display for fall using a hutch full of ironstone.  |  anderson + grant

Thank you so much for stopping by today.  Whether this is one of your first visits or you are one of my dedicated readers, I appreciate you being here.

What ways do you have for incorporating your everyday decor and collections into your seasonal decorating?

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