My Great Shopping Weekend

June 5, 2015

Can you believe that today is Friday already?  And that we are already almost a full week into June?  If anyone has any tips for slowing down time (especially the weekends!), please let me know.

Tomorrow is my grandma's 95th birthday.  Can you imagine be alive that long?  We are planning a little celebration for her tomorrow with her family.  I know things have not been fun for her lately since she ended up in the nursing home, but hopefully she can get a little enjoyment from being somewhere else for a little while and having people celebrate her and her life.  Plus, there's going to be cake.  Who can't enjoy that!

For today's post, though, I'm going back in time to last Saturday.  I mentioned the other day that there was a shopping trip and I outdid myself in the number of things I bought.  I'm really excited to share what I found with you today.

On Wednesday, I showed you three items that I purchased at Hobby Lobby.  You can see them here if you didn't read the post.

I also bought this realistic looking lavender plant in a pot.  The picture really doesn't do it justice.  In person, it seriously looks like an actual flower in a mossy pot.  (Some people just don't like having their pictures taken.)

After hitting Hobby Lobby, I ran into Goodwill because I'm still searching for cutting boards.  My mom rescued a very rustic one for me (yeah!).  Turns out, after all my complaining a few weeks ago, this Goodwill was having a 50% off the entire store sale.  Music to my ears.

The first thing that popped into my line of sight was this green metal tray....full of chipped paint and charming patina.  At first I thought it might be a rack for cooling cookies, but I'm not really sure.  Any guesses?

I found three really pretty dishes....

One blue and white designed plate that is pretty new.  It is the Blue Onion pattern from Wedgwood.

A white platter made by Adam Antiques by Steubenville.

And this beautiful ironstone platter with a blue floral motif around the outside.  On the underside of the platter, it says TM&S.  I can find nothing out about the brand, but it does say that it was made in 1859.  It is in perfect condition (other than a little crazing that comes with age) and has no chips.  Each plate or platter was only $1!

My mom spotted this wood shoe shine kit and thought it was something I needed to have.  It is pretty unique looking with the shoe shape on the top.

This stool was only $2!  It is really sturdy and I'm seeing some sort of faux treatment on the gold parts to make it a little more me.  I don't mind gold, but this is a little too fake looking.  Lately, I've been in a rustic mood, so maybe this piece of furniture will follow that trend.

And my final purchase was this wood rocking horse.  Not quite sure what I'll do with it, but both my mom and aunt insisted that it needed to come home with me.  Don't you hate peer pressure?

And if that wasn't enough great finds, we stopped at an antique store/gift shop on the way home.  These three things were sitting outside and wouldn't let me leave until I bought them.  They were pretty pricey, but after finding some great deals at Goodwill, I felt it was okay to splurge on a couple items that could be used in different ways.

I bought an old wooden shutter....

A fireplace screen.....I'm picturing this hanging OVER the mantel at some point since my fireplace is fake and not in need of a screen.  I feel in love with the criss-crossed metal pattern.

And a sturdy wood step ladder.  This will be getting some chalk paint, but I'm not sure what color yet.

 I came home one happy girl on Saturday after finding so much stuff that spoke to me.  Plus we stopped on the way home for Kentucky Fried Chicken.  This may not be exciting for some of you, but since the one closest to me closed quite a few years ago, we have to drive about 45 minutes to get some.  Not good for a girl who loves fried chicken.

So some of these things that I bought need a little DIY treatment so I guess I better get busy.   Be sure to stop back on Monday to see my newest furniture transformation.  And yes, it involved me sanding down to bare wood again!  I hope you have an amazing weekend.


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