Friday Favorites #31

April 24, 2015

Would you believe that yesterday, April 23, there were blizzard-like conditions at times in PA?  I posted this picture to Instagram in utter disbelief.  

Today's forecast is much improved thankfully.  It is difficult to work on a spring post while it is snowing outside!  

I'd like to express my gratitude to those of you who commented on my Thoughts on Blogging post Wednesday.   This weekend I hope to sit down and answer all the comments....they aren't the type you can reply to with a simple Thank You.  Your warm wishes and encouragement mean the world to me and are one reason why I stick with blogging.  It is a relief to get that all out in the open and I'm glad that so many of you seem to have the same feelings.  Where we go from here is still unclear, but I don't feel alone in what I'm experiencing anymore. 

Tomorrow my cousin Allison will be getting married.  My mom and I will be taking my grandma out of the nursing home to attend, so all thoughts and prayers extended our way would be appreciated!  It will be the first time she's been outside the nursing home since December 23, so we are crossing our fingers that it all goes well.  I think it will mean a lot to her, though, to be able to attend her great-granddaughter's wedding.  

Hopefully Sunday can be spent just relaxing.  It is nice to have one day each week to enjoy having nothing to do.  Life seems to be rushing by and Sundays are my one time to slow down a bit.  What plans do you have for the weekend?


Favorite Spring Display
Perfectly Styled Spring Buffet Display from AKA Designs  |  Friday Favorites at

Favorite Furniture Makeover
Beautifully painted white dresser makeover from Color Saturated Life | Friday Favorites at
{Furniture Makeover} A Make-Under from Color Saturated Life

Favorite Idea
Genius idea....using a silver "bowl" to hold filters at a coffee bar.....from Driven by Decor | Friday Favorites at
Our New Coffee Station from Driven by Decor

Favorite Cake
Chocolate Raspberry Ganache Cake....this recipe from Market 71 sounds delicious!  |  Friday Favorites at

Favorite Bedroom
Coastal Bedroom with a wood plank wall.  Love the gallery wall and gray bedding from The Lettered Cottage.  |  Friday Favorites at
Office Setup from The Lettered Cottage

Favorite Look
Black silk cami, black blazer, and jeans....a stylish, yet casual outfit for the weekend.  | Friday Favorites at
Blazer and Jeans (source unknown)

Favorite DIY
Unique paper towel holder made out of a repurposed world globe stand from Lovely Etc. | Friday Favorites at

Nothing holds you back more than your own insecurities.  #inspire  |  Friday Favorites Quote from

I try my best to find images from their original sources to credit the owner of the picture.  Sometimes the picture gets separated from it's source, and without a watermark cannot be traced easily.  If you find something here that belongs to you or someone you know, please email me and I'll be happy to link back to you or remove the image if that is what you would like.

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