My New Vintage English Fishing Basket

March 2, 2015

When searching for unique vintage finds, you've got to look wherever you shop 
and keep an eye out for those special pieces.  
Great finds come in the places you least expect!

Finding something unique is what I look for when I go shopping.  Having what everyone else has in their home is not what I'm looking for.  I want something that is different.....something that only I have.  And that is exactly what I found recently at a shop in my area.

When shopping for something special, you have to be on the lookout wherever you go.  This basket wasn't from an antique store or a consignment shop, but rather a primitives gift shop.  Occasionally the shop owner throws in some really great vintage pieces and that seems to be what I'm drawn to the most.

This basket is an old English fishing basket....I'm not sure what makes it English, but that is what the tag said.  I was actually looking at another new basket when I wandered into the room where the items on sale are kept.  This vintage basket with history was half price and just slightly more than the new, made-in-China basket so it was a no-brainer which one I came home with.  (And how exciting is it when you find something you really want in the 50% off room?!?!  The great fall wreath I've gotten so many compliments on came from the same room.)

I pictured it filled with Christmas greenery when I bought it, but also have loved using it as a tray on the dining room table.  (And now that I'm looking more closely at the pictures, it also would serve as a stylish receptacle for incoming mail.) 

The basket has really long handles which makes it easy to remove from the table when the need arises.  I love the industrial look that it has with the wire frame and mesh.

Of course, it had to be filled with my favorite boxwood along with some white mugs just ready to be filled with coffee.  The mugs were purchased from Goodwill and I just love the simple look of the white mug.  I see pieces of this set so many times when shopping.  

So what do you think of my unique basket being used as a tray?  I'm sure you'll see it many more times in different ways in the upcoming months because I really love my newest find.

What have you found recently on a shopping trip that you love?

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