Top 11 Posts of 2014

January 13, 2015

Traditionally, a top posts recap falls at the end of a year or at least the very beginning of the new year.  I had the best of intentions of doing that, but it is better late than never, right?

I also had the best of intentions of having a top 10 post, but somehow ended up with 11.  Since the extra post happened to be one of my favorites, I chose to keep it.

It is so much fun to look back over what has been completed through the year.  And I love seeing what types of posts have been viewed the most.  Obviously, you enjoy DIY here because that is mainly what is in the top 10...or 11.

So, without further ado, here are the top 11 anderson + grant posts of 2014.


Top Posts of 2014 from anderson + grant | Inspiring decorating tips, DIY, and more!

11.  One of my favorite DIY projects was this Trash to Treasure Chalkboard Message Center.  It was made out of some random junk finds, but came together perfectly.  It looks amazing hanging on my wall and is so useful.  Originally I had tried to sell it on my online store, but when it didn't sell, I knew I was meant to be mine.

Trash to Treasure Chalkboard Message Center from anderson + grant

10.  It took months to work up the courage to start on this massive piece of furniture.  But once it was done, this Painted Pantry Cupboard could not be more perfect.  It now sits beautifully in the kitchen holding all the food items that need stored in the room.

Painted Pantry Cupboard in the kitchen from anderson + grant

9.  My post on Transforming a Broken Picnic Basket showed how something that isn't able to function as it should can still be made into a useful item.  With very little work this basket that was missing a handle was made into a great distressed basket for decorative storage.  And a highlight of my blogging year was when Miss Mustard Seed chose this as one of her weekly features on her blog :).

Transforming a broken thrift store picnic basket into a useful decorative storage basket |

8.  Pottery Barn is a constant source of inspiration for me.  A wooden pedestal they have for sale inspired me to Transform a Vintage Cutting Board found at a consignment shop.

Transforming a vintage cutting board into a wooden pedestal inspired by Pottery Barn ||

7.  One of my favorite activities is organizing my home.  Seeing a neat space makes me happy.  Keeping my clothes organized is very important and it was exciting to have so many people enjoy this post.

How to organize your clothes |

6.  Sometimes the best projects are made easily and don't require a bunch of supplies.  These Painted Bowls were created from wooden salad bowls picked up from Goodwill.  All they needed was a little chalk paint and distressing to become perfect for decorating....or holding apples.

Thrift Store Salad bowls transformed with chalk paint for decorating |

5.  The fastest DIY I've ever done has got to be this Basket created from a Sauce Pot.  A little sisal and hot glue is all that an old pot needed to become another piece of useful storage.

Organizing with a DIY basket made from a sauce pot |

4.  We can all use simple tips for creating a beautiful, put together home.  My post on Decorating with Empty Frames gave many ideas for using inexpensive frames to add some character to your space.

How to decorate with empty picture frames |

3.  Because of the extraordinary number of views this post received, I decided to allow ONE holiday post to be included in this review.  The project I did in the fall making DIY Pumpkins with Realistic Looking Stems was beat out in views only by two posts done last January.  After a year of creating this idea in my head, I was overjoyed that it was so well received.  Hopefully I can come up with an equally exciting pumpkin project for this year!

How to create realistic looking stems for your plastic pumpkins ||

2.  The two most popular posts last year were both done using items that anyone can find at a thrift store.  These Repurposed Loaf Pans were created with just a little chalk paint and decorative painted trim, but can now serve as yet another place to decoratively store little items.  Can you tell that I like storage ideas?

How to transform old loaf pans into decorative storage |

1.  And finally, these Distressed Candlesticks were made from glass bud vases picked up from Goodwill.  It is a project that can be adapted to fit into any decorating style and was really an inexpensive DIY which is why I think it was so popular.

Distressed candlesticks made from Glass Bud Vases....a cheap and easy DIY |

So that is what the number of page views tells me was the most popular posts of 2014.  What was your favorite post of last year?  And what would you like to see more of in the upcoming months?

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