My Worst Furniture Find Yet

September 8, 2014

So, here we are to Monday again.  Time sure does fly over the weekend, doesn't it?

Just a little forewarning.....This is a wordy post and it will have you on the edge of your seat with anticipation of what will happen next.  Or maybe it won't.  Either way, enjoy!

I do not need to go shopping for anything.  I have plenty of things at my house to work on.  Yet, I see an estate sale listed in the newspaper classifieds and I have to take a look.  Friday I left work around 2 PM planning to make a super quick stop at just the one estate sale I saw listed and then head home to work on a post for today.  I was looking for one or two small things at a cheap price.

After going about two miles past the location of the sale, I turned around and once again drove past the house in the opposite direction.  Again, I turn my car around and drive 500 feet back to where I thought I saw a tiny sign posted on a tree.  I obviously had found the location of the sale, but apparently when someone lists a question mark as the closing time, that time falls before 2 o'clock in the afternoon.

By this time, I was determined to find a sale and buy something whether I needed it or not.   I had seen a sign at the post office advertising the sale of all sales.  Sounds like the place for me, right?

I have to give the homeowner credit for the time she had to have spent writing catchy signs and posting them on the road to her house.

You won't be sorry....

It's worth it....

You're not far now...

The signs kept claiming that I was almost there, which in hindsight should have been warning enough for me to turn around.  But I kept believing.  Finally, fifteen minutes outside of town in the middle of nowhere just as I'm ready to turn around, I find  my sale of all sales.....which was another quarter of a mile off the road on a narrow dirt path full of holes.

I was not really excited by what I found (or maybe I was just too exhausted to care anymore).  But then, just as I was ready to leave, I found this table.  I did not need another piece of furniture.  I do not have room to store another piece of furniture.  I had said earlier in the day that I would not be buying another piece of furniture.

Vintage Radio Speaker Table |

Vintage Radio Speaker Table |

It had no price.  The prices were a little high on the things I had looked at.  I told myself I'd ask the price and if it was $5 or less, I'd buy it.  (I just knew that she was going to tell me $10 for this table).

Antique Radio Speaker Table |

Obviously, since I'm sharing pictures here you can assume it was $5.  What are the chances?

Vintage Radio Speaker Table |

I actually bought it on the condition that I could even get it into my two door Ford Focus.  Again, obviously, it fit.  If the legs would have been any taller or the table top any longer it wouldn't have happened.  There was no way I was going back for this table.

Vintage Radio Speaker Table |

Vintage Radio Speaker Table |

This has to be the trashiest piece of furniture I've ever bought.  I'm not sure why I find such beauty in peeling veneer and broken boards, but I do.  I enjoy the process of turning junk into a thing of beauty.  There is plenty of beauty to be made out of this piece.

Vintage Radio Speaker Table |

It was originally a table for holding antique radio speakers.  I'm not sure of the age or the brand.  But isn't it pretty?  Or at least has the potential to be pretty?

Vintage Radio Speaker Table |

So what do you think.....Am I slowly going insane?  Or would you have bought this $5 table, too?

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