6 Fall Wardrobe Essentials

September 29, 2014

I love clothes as much as I love decorating.  I love shopping for them.  I love mixing and matching pieces to create different outfits.  And fall is my favorite season for clothes because it is the perfect time for layering and adding accessories.  Decorating yourself is just as fun as decorating a room....and many of the same "rules" apply!

I admit that lately I haven't been taking the time I should to plan my outfits each day.  It is easier to just throw something on in the morning without taking the time to plan.  Easy is not always better, though.  I'm always pinning outfits that I'd like to wear, but like most of what I pin, I rarely refer back to them.  I've made the decision to change that and to start putting a little more thought and care into what I'm wearing this fall.

After taking a look through outfits that I've pinned, I realized that there are some common essentials that we all need in our fall wardrobes.  Regardless of the size you wear or the type of clothes you prefer, there is a way to add a little fall style to your outfits.

Six Fall Wardrobe Essentials for Great Autumn Style Outfits | www.andersonandgrant.com

Here are what I consider fall wardrobe essentials.....


There is never a time that I am more happy than when the fall season arrives and I can begin wearing my tall brown boots again.  I even posted a picture of the "event" on my instagram page.  Whether they come up to your knees, your ankles, or somewhere in between, tall boots are a must-have in a fall wardrobe.  I pair them with jeans for a casual day out shopping or with a dress for work.

Scarves are one of those accessories that can really complete a fall look.  They take a basic outfit up a notch  and are a simple way to add a little color or texture to any outfit.  Plus, they keep your neck warm on a cool autumn day!

 Fall Wardrobe Essentials....Scarves | www.andersonandgrant.com

Sure, as the weather gets cooler, you need extra layers to keep warm.  But I love layering pieces just because it looks great!  You can layer on textures, colors, and patterns creating an interesting outfit.  Fall outfits always look more polished and sophisticated because adding layers looks like you took more time putting together your outfit.

Fall Wardrobe Essentials....Layering | www.andersonandgrant.com


Whether it is made of cotton, wool, or flannel, plaid is a great fall pattern on fabric.  There is something cozy about jeans and a plaid shirt.  And sure, a rhinestone necklace may be a little over the top, but who doesn't love a little bling?

Fall Wardrobe Essentials....Plaid | www.andersonandgrant.com


Whether I am dressing a room or dressing myself, I'm a fan of neutrals.  And layered correctly, you can create a whole neutral outfit without being boring.  I love an outfit like this one with shades of brown and white.

Fall Wardrobe Essentials...Neutrals | www.andersonandgrant.com


And as much as I love neutrals, I also like to add a pop of a great fall color occasionally into the outfit to keep life interesting.  Reds, oranges, and mustards look great paired with neutral browns, grays, and blues.

Fall Wardrobe Essentials....A Pop of Color | www.andersonandgrant.com

So how many of these items do you already have in your closet?  Do you want to join me in putting together some fantastic fall outfits?

For more style inspiration, be sure to check out My Style on Pinterest.

**All of the photos here link to my Pinterest page only because they have been pinned from sites like tumblr.  If you know the original location of any of these photos, I'd love to update the links to go to the original sites.**  

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