Getting Organized by Sorting through My Clothes

July 9, 2014

Getting Organized by Sorting through Clothes |
So today's post isn't a typical "Here's five things you can do to organize your closet" type of organizing post.  There isn't any before pictures to make the after shots look amazing.  There isn't anything to recommend buying to aid in getting organizing.  It is just a post about what I did to find a sense of organization with my clothes and why I needed to do it.
Getting Organized by Sorting Through Clothes |
Clutter has really been sucking the life out of my everyday.  When things aren't neat, clean, and organized, I feel stressed....frustrated....lacking in creativity.  It is easy to put off getting cleaned up when there is a lot to do.  I feel like there are more important things that need done, but having a severely cluttered space makes getting those things done more difficult, too.
I finally got to the point where I just couldn't take it anymore.  I have too much stuff....not just clothes, but craft and DIY supplies, books, projects.  You name it and I probably have too much of it.  I don't even enjoy shopping much anymore because i know I already have something like that at home.  And the worst part of it all is that I find myself wearing the same favorite clothes over and over.  

A recent event reminded me that there are people out there who really have nothing.  Here I am with more clothes that I could ever wear in probably two years of wearing a different thing everyday.  And there are people who HAVE to wear the same thing week after week.  There are people who would love the things that I just leave sit.  And honestly, many of the clothes that got removed from my shelves don't even fit right anymore.  Just because I can fit into clothes I wore in college doesn't mean that they fit correctly.  
Getting Organized by Sorting Through Clothes |
Last year, I totally cleared out my closet and posted it here.  It was one of my very first posts.  A lot of stuff came out of the closet and didn't go back in.  And you know what?  A year later, my closet is still clean.  I've bought a few things, but got rid of a few things, too.  And it basically still looks like it did the day I shared it here.  I'm not sure why I didn't continue cleaning through my belongings since the process worked so well!
So I decided to start clearing out things that I don't need and use and chose to start with the clothes in my room that aren't in the clean closet.  
Getting Organized by Sorting Through Clothes |

Everything came off the shelves where I have my folded clothing.  Everything was tried on to see what still fits and looks good.  And only the pieces that are my style, in decent condition, and still fit were neatly folded and placed back on the shelves.  (My fall and winter clothes are stored in baskets in my closet.)
Getting Organized by Sorting Through Clothes |
And as you can see, I'm a little OCD when it comes to things being in color order, so each stack of clothing is in the same color family.  It may seem a little overboard, but it really does help when it comes to finding something to wear in the morning.  Plus, it makes me happy to look in an see things so neatly arranged!
Fewer clothes means fewer choices, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  Having too many clothes can really make it harder to figure out what to wear.  Too many options can be overwhelming.  I find that it can be fun to mix and match clothes to create different looks, and you don't need a bunch of different clothes to do that.  
I'm so happy to see one small part of my space cleaned up.  And now there is a whole chair full of clothing to either be donated or sold on Ebay.   
What to do with clothes you no longer want or don't fit?  Why not donate them or sell them online!
Now that this job is done, I must move on to the next cluttered spot in my house....So many places to choose from!!!  I'm thinking I need to start sorting through my many craft and DIY supplies now.   Is there any spots you need to get cleaned up in your own home right now?

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