Rustic Meets Elegant Fall Mantel Display

September 20, 2013

FALL   |   Published September 20, 2013

I'm finally sharing one of my fall displays with you today.  Getting all the decorations out and placed around the house seemed to be a long time in coming this year, but I am really pleased with how everything looks now that the decorating is done.

It is hard to put my design style into one particular category.  Basically, I like what I like and that doesn't always translate into something that can be categorized.  This fall display showcases that....It is a bit rustic and country with pinecones and an antiqued pumpkin, but still elegant with glittered leaves and a glass mosaic pumpkin.

I like finding ways to mix and match different looks, but still having the display look cohesive.  Fall is a great season to try this with because the fall color scheme goes together so well....the burnt oranges, rusty reds, golden yellows.  You can add in different textures and styles while sticking with the coordinating colors and everything seems to come together.

This display is built on a large wicker basket on the right and a small wooden cheesebox on the left.  It is important to have different levels to make your eyes move around the entire display.  I wanted the lantern to be high in the display so that the candle light will be reflected when it is lit.  I also love the texture the basket provides with everything else..

A piece of rusty red cotton and a small chunk of burlap were added on top of the basket and box.  This adds a little color as well as a little more texture.

Next, I tucked leaves in around the display and added my figurines, metal leaf, pumpkins, and lantern.  I added some beaded berries into the base of the lantern underneath an orange textured candle.

I added glittered leaves in among the other leaves and laid a few pinecones around.  The pinecones were actually an addition because one fell off of my wreath and I thought it would be nice to continue the pinecones down into the display.  Displays are more pleasing to the eye when elements are repeated.....That's why it is always said that things should be displayed in threes.

The last step was hanging the wreath above the mirror and my display was complete.

I'm really thrilled with how all these items look together.  I think the entire display shows that different styles really can go together and still look nice.  Actually, I think mixing styles makes a very interesting it has been collected over time.

What do you think of my display?  Do you like the two styles coming together?

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