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September 9, 2013

So, I am officially back after spending a week trying to clean up from a flood in my basement.  Luckily, the basement is unfinished and most of what got wet was able to be dried.  But the basement is used primarily for storage, laundry, and working on projects, so there was a lot that needed moved to let the basement dry out properly.  Needless to say, I've been busy!

As I moved and stacked box after box, I was encouraged to get cleaned up and organized.  I always claim that I want my space (and life) to be neat and simple, but don't do much to get it that way.  In terms of the basement, I have a lot of "supplies" for my crafts and DIY projects.  I unfortunately see a lot of potential in many things (which I assume is the a trait many of you creative readers share with me!), and I love a good yard sale, flea market, or trip to Goodwill.  These two characteristics provide for a large "To Do" pile, but not enough time or will to actually get them done.  I'm trying my best to look at my "collection" and evaluate what I can really get done and what I purchased only because it was a great deal.  The running joke in my family is that I will buy anything if it is a dollar!  I think that might have to change!

Because I've suddenly been inspired to get organized and simplified, I thought I'd share with you a round up of my favorite organizing resources.

There are a couple of books that I absolutely adore when it comes to organizing and simplifying.  I don't often keep books after I finish reading them, but these ones remain on my shelf.

Organizing from the Inside Out  by Julie Morgenstern

 Good Things for Organizing by Martha Stewart

My all-time favorite organizing blog is I Heart Organizing.  I think Jen has an idea for organizing just about everything on her site.  And things are not only functional, but they look amazing, too!  She is on a whole other level from organizing blogs I've seen.

I have a lot of great organizing ideas that I've been collection on my Pinterest page, too.  Wouldn't it be great if we could all use the tips that we collect to clean up our lives?

So what are you doing to make your life a little more simple?  a little more organized?  

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