Medicine Cabinet turned into Pottery Barn Message Center

August 2, 2013

Yesterday I showed you what I started with in my creating of a message center.  And here is my finished project.

After painting the entire piece with white chalk paint, I had a few more steps in order to finish my conversion. Since I wanted this to be a message center, I decided to paint the door with chalkboard paint.  I had originally wanted to put cork on the door (like the Pottery Barn version), but the cork was too thick to let the door close.  I taped off a rectangle on the door with painter's tape using the edges of the door as my guide to get the chalkboard centered.  Then I painted on four coats of chalkboard paint.  To be sure that the tape came off smoothly, I ran the edge of my painter's tool around the edge of the tape to "cut" through the paint.  It came off perfectly.

Since I was "embracing the age" of the piece, I decided to sand the edges of the medicine cabinet to make it look a little worn again.  Then I coated it with satin varnish to protect the finish.

The Pottery Barn message center has hooks for keys on the inside.  I wasn't sure what to do since I was working with a metal cabinet, while the PB version was wood.  But after searching for ideas, I found this key rail at Target for $6.99.  It is made of wood and has a white painted finish.

 I lightly sanded the edges of the wood to keep the same worn finish as the cabinet.  Then I used contact adhesive all over the back to attach it to the back of the medicine cabinet.  Problem was, this rail was made to be screwed in and had two screw holes.  Luckily I had some tiny wooden plugs that fit perfectly into the holes.  I painted them with the white chalk paint and my message center was complete.

The metal cabinet could also be used for craft storage, in a workshop, or could be filled with spices.  There are many possibilities.

So lets review.....
Here is what I started with:

Here is the Pottery Barn Version:

And here is the after of my medicine cabinet to message center:

Can you imagine this piece in your home?  Visit my Etsy shop if you'd like to purchase it for yourself.  (Sorry, it is sold.)

Do you have any other ideas for how to repurpose a medicine cabinet?

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