Inspired by Pottery Barn to Fix a Chipped Bowl

June 6, 2013

DIY Bird Dish inspired by Pottery Barn |

I have a white bowl that I loved, but unfortunately got chipped.  I continued to hold on to it, as though it would magically fix itself. (which, of course, it didn't).

Looking through a recent Pottery Barn catalog I was inspired to try something.  They have a ceramic dish with a bird on the perched on the side of it.  I decided I could make my own bird from clay and attach it to the side of the bowl to cover the chip.

I used Oven Bake Clay by Sculpey to make my bird.  I like the Bake Shop Clay because it is soft, bakes quickly, and is non-toxic, unlike some other oven-bake clays.

 I made a ball of aluminum foil for my bird's body.  If the clay is too thick, it will not bake correctly. And besides, why waste all that clay when you don't have to?  I softened a ball of the clay by rolling it in my hands and then flattened it out to smooth it over the foil ball.

When the ball was formed I pushed it down on the side of my bowl, making sure that it covered the chipped part.

I repeated the process to make the bird's head, and then added a beak.

Then I made his wings.  After putting them on the body, they needed smoothed out so they didn't look like they were just added to the side.

The last step was me putting the tail feathers on.  Then I had to smooth the clay out with my finger to remove all the fingerprints and marks from holding on to it.

I gently slid the bird off the bowl and put it in the oven for 15 minutes at 275 degrees.

When the bird cooled, I painted him with two coats of Folk Art acrylic paint (Warm White).  When that was dry, I sealed it with two coats of Americana DuraClear Satin Varnish.  I used two coats to make it more shiny to match the bowl.  Then I brushed on some antiquing stain and wiped it off with a damp rag.  I also touched parts of the bowl with the stain so that the two pieces would match better.

DIY Bird Bowl inspired by Pottery Barn | anderson + grant

The bird was glued on to the bowl over the chipped portion and I was done.  What do you think?

Tutorial for making a bird dish inspired by Pottery Barn |

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