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April 25, 2016

After going pretty much the entire winter without shopping for anything personal or business, the floodgates have opened and I'm purchasing like crazy! I don't know whether it is being in the right place at the right time or if the best things are just jumping out at me at the moment, but I've found some of the most amazing things.  It has been ages since my last post sharing antiques that I've uncovered, but I thought that would be a great way to open up the week after a successful Saturday shopping trip. 

I've really spent some time planning just how I want to fill my booth at the summer market I'll be participating in and it is so much fun to enter stores with that plan in mind.  Going into antique stores and thrift shops can be overwhelming when there is so much to see.  But if you can shop with a vision about your style or particular pieces you might be looking for, it will guide you to the best finds.

One of my favorite things that I found was an antique tool chest on wheels for $35.  I'm incredibly torn as to whether or not I want to keep this charming, utilitarian piece.  I'm also unsure about how I want to paint it.  While I actually really love the mint color with the paint spatters and cuts and gouges, the top has a lot of staining and is pretty dirty.  Any thoughts?

My second favorite item is an old booster chair for $10.  I'm guessing there must have originally been a step attached to the front because there are two holes where something was removed.  The wood of the chair is in amazing condition, so my plan is to freshen it up with a little hemp oil.  

The seat is pretty damaged, though, so I'll add a little paint here.

Hobby Lobby has some bare wood dough bowls in their home decor line right now.  They really feel like a real carved bowl and each one in the display was slightly different giving them a handmade quality.

Since this is something that I'll be reselling, I didn't want to spend too much, so I used a 40% off coupon and got it for about $17.  (They also had some smaller versions that were about $15 regular price.)

The items that I sell at the market have to be "handmade" in some way, so my plan is to make this look rustic and old with some Miss Mustard Seed antiquing wax, but it is actually really pretty with the bare wood for those of you who aren't interested in an extra DIY.

Goodwill also had a few unique antique pieces that I couldn't turn down, even though they aren't something I can sell at the market.

This stoneware bowl with a lid looks like it has been well used, which in my opinion means that it must have been loved.  While I'm not sure what it was originally used for, it would look really lovely planted with some flowers on the porch or left on the counter to hold somethings that you might not want seen in the kitchen.

And these two English transferware teacups were irresistible.  I've been drawn to blues lately, and I really love the details on the handles.


I really appreciate you stopping by today and hope you enjoyed a peek at what came home with me.  What fantastic things have you found lately?

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