Secrets of a Stylist with Viva Designs

September 18, 2015

I am the type of person who can literally spend 10 minutes trying to pick out the perfect paper towels and napkins while shopping at the grocery store.  These items sit out on the counter and they need to look stylish and mesh with my decor, at least in my opinion.  Normally I end up choosing plain white paper products because the designs just aren't appealing to me.  Obviously I'm not the only one searching for pretty paper towels, though, because Viva® Towels now has a designer line created by Alyssa Milano (Remember "Who's the Boss"?).  Designer paper towels in my favorite brand?....I'm in!

Viva® Brand has teamed up with Hollywood actress and designer, Alyssa Milano, to transform traditional paper towels into kitchen couture with the launch of the Alyssa Milano Signature Designs by Viva® Paper Towels.  Now available at stores nationwide, the new line features nine bold, fresh designs curated by Alyssa Milano, allowing individual to coordinate their home decor and express their style where they haven't been able to before.  Each of the nine designs, ranging from jacquard to lattice patterns in bright colors, combine high function with high fashion for the best of both worlds with a range of everyday and entertaining uses.

Over the summer I had the opportunity to work with Viva® Brand and shoot some pictures that could possibly be used in their "Counter Couture" lookbook. It was quite an exciting honor.  I thought today I'd take you behind the scenes and share my thought process behind the way I styled the paper towels.

Our goal was to show the product being used around the house.  We all use paper towels in the kitchen to easily clean up everyday spills.  I prefer them over using rags because I like to clean and then toss.  But I wanted to think of other places they could be useful, too.  Before doing this I hadn't really thought about when I've used this product, so it was kind of fun to consider other times I might reach for a roll.  Even something as simple as grabbing a Viva® Towel to use as a napkin at lunchtime is something that I do without giving it a second thought.

Since it was summer, I immediately thought of gardening.  When you are planting flowers and digging in the dirt you need something soft and durable to wipe your hands on, right?  Gardening is a messy job and you need to be able to clean up quickly and easily after planting some flowers.  One scene that I created was to show that the stylish Viva® Signature Design Towels can even be used outside the house.  Just imagine them sitting on the counter of your potting shed!

Sticking with the summer theme, I realized that it is useful to have paper towels handy when entertaining with drinks or snacks on the patio.  Having a roll of cloth-like Viva® Towels is so much easier than a stack of thin napkins that will blow away in the breeze (which happens quite often in my neighborhood, by the way.)

Since I love open storage, I decided the final way that I could show Viva® Towels in the home was to display them on my bathroom shelves in my industrial looking fishing basket.  They are there along with my bath towels handy for anytime that cleaning is necessary in the room and easily accessible if they are needed somewhere else.  Viva® Designs by Alyssa Milano are pretty enough to be out in the open and don't need to be hidden away in a cupboard.

And now for some exciting news.....

Viva® Brand has launched the Kitchen Couture Contest, where five people will be awarded $1,000 towards making their dream kitchen a reality, just by pinning items inspired by the nine Viva Signature Design Towels.  Umm...Don't all of us NEED a good excuse to spend time on Pinterest?!?!  Official contest rules are available at

What other uses have you found for Viva® Towels?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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