The Hottest Day of the Summer is the Best Time to Garden

June 15, 2015

The hottest day of the summer is the best time to garden.  Is that a tip that you've heard before?  

Don't feel bad if you haven't, because I just made it up.  But it is what I chose to do on Friday and it turned out to be pretty successful.

Do you ever have one of those days where you have no interest in doing what you should be doing?  Friday was such a day for me.  I had a couple of projects started to post this week that I should have been working on and completing.  But when I got home from work in the afternoon, all I wanted to do was lounge on the couch, cooling off from the 90 degree day with a glass of pink lemonade while watching an episode of The OC on DVD (#guiltypleasure).  With a to-do list long enough to stretch to the next county, however, that delightful idea was not an option.  

It has been raining here practically every day.  And by raining, I mean torrential downpours numerous times a day oftentimes accompanied by thunder and lighting.  (And here it is Sunday night as I type this with rain pouring down and thunder booming outside my house.)

Friday afternoon was glorious, however, aside from the fact that it was hot and humid.  So while most people would be inside an air conditioned house on a day like this relaxing (or finishing their blog projects), I chose to be outside pulling weeds in a flower bed.  

And can I just say that I found the whole task incredibly peaceful and calming?  Neither of my next door neighbors were home, so aside from the squirrel who was bouncing through the yard, I was alone.  (And this squirrel was not the one who has taken up residence in my shed, so I was fine with him joining me.)  The birds were chirping in the trees and the sun was shining down on me.  Perfect conditions.  So perfect in fact that one could almost forget just how muggy it was outside!

Even after years of working in the flower beds, they are still full of rocks and clay.  And this particular area also has roots from the trees in the front yard that do their best to choke the perennial flowers.  It is sometimes unbelievable that I can grow anything successfully.  

There are times when gardening seems like a chore.  Days when there is too much to get done and working in these conditions is not pleasurable.  Days when I've let a few too many weeds take hold and cleaning out the flower bed turns into a week long project rather than a short afternoon.

But Friday was my day to enjoy digging through the soil.  I blocked everything else out of my mind and just immersed myself in what I was doing.  There is something very therapeutic about gardening when it is something that you are choosing to do.  I guess it plays into my desire to make whatever I'm working on a little better than when I started.  Just as I find it enjoyable to take a worn out piece of furniture or a cluttered drawer and make them a little nicer, pulling a few weeds and laying mulch down instantly improves the look outside.  And that just makes me happy.  

After two hours, I had completely cleaned out the portion of the flower bed in front of my sidewalk and laid down some fresh mulch.  And would you believe that after I got the tools put away in the shed and went back into the house to grab something to eat, the downpour of the day began?

Plans were to finish everything up on Saturday so I'd have a completed garden to share with you, but Mother Nature saw fit to send rain again.  So, you get a few pretty glimpses of the portion that is done and maybe soon I'll be able to share the entire garden with you, along with my DIY sidewalk.  

For today, enjoy a little peek at what brought me some joy during one of the hottest days yet of the summer.  I hope that you can fill your day with some activities that can put a smile on your face.....even if they aren't the things that you should be getting accomplished!

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