How to Get Noticed at a Link Party {Your Turn to Shine Link Party #27}

April 16, 2015

Each week, I try to visit most, if not all of the links from Your Turn to Shine.  (Commenting doesn't happen nearly as much as I'd like, though.  Sorry about that.)  I've been trying to choose favorites around a central theme for the past few months, like DIY projects or kitchen renovation ideas.  As I was scanning through the entries from the last party, though, I was inspired to take a different approach this week.

There are specific things about a picture that seem to entice me to click on some posts more than others. I'm guessing that I'm not alone in this.  When we are linking our hard work up at a party, isn't the goal to get visitors to our blog and possibly be featured by the host?

So when choosing this week's features, I started first looking just at the thumbnails that immediately caught my attention.  Then I analyzed the pictures to see why I may have clicked on them.  So, here are my five tips for helping to get your posts noticed at the next link party.

5 Tips for Getting Noticed at a Link Party - Great ideas for making your blog photos stand out!  |

1.  Make It Bright and White

To choose my group feature each week, I normally quickly scan through the links and choose what immediately catches my eye or sounds interesting.  This Clock Made From Electrical Spool created by McCall Manor and  posted on 3 Little Greenwoods is what did if for me this week.  The picture is bright, white and staged to enhance the posted project.

The image for the  Gingerbread Cakes from Chasing Quaintness is also bright and white, making the dark cake really stand out.  Everything else kind of just blends into the background.

And the brightness of the thumbnail about New Accessories from Seeking Lavender Lane instantly grabs your attention from the rest of the images.

2.  Brand Your Images

Regardless of what she is posting, you can tell instantly when an image belongs to Breanna of BrePurposed.  The images are clear, well lit, and staged in front a plank wood backdrop.  This makes all of her projects cohesive and allows the finished product to really shine.  This post about Spring Wrapped Wooden Utensils is perfectly branded for her blog.

3.  Crop Your Image Well

Sometimes, there can be a lot of excess in a picture that we don't need to see at a link party.  This thumbnail of a  Railroad Tie Coffee Table from Easter Egg Style Blog is  a perfect example of this.  The thumbnail looked like this focused entirely on the coffee table and settee.....

while the photo in the post looked like this where those items are part of a larger staging for a bridal show.  Anyway you look at it, the coffee table is a genius idea for a DIY, but with so much going on in the picture, I may not have clicked over without the perfectly cropped thumbnail.

This dough bowl from a post called Thrift Shop Thursday at Stylish Revamp is another instance of how being able to crop a picture helps at a link party.  The smaller thumbnail eliminates everything but the staged dough bowl which is exactly what caught my attention.  (As a side note, you've got to see what else she picked up in this post!)

4.  Get Up Close and Personal

Getting a close up, detailed shot is probably easiest and most helpful with food blogs.  Who can turn down a picture of yummy looking food when you can see it so well.  You can practically grab a fork and dig into this Crock Pot Teriyaki Chicken from What the Fork Food Blog.

And these Rose Water Sugar Cookies from Simply Suzanne's could fall under the cropping category as well.  The image you see to click over is cropped right around the grass giving you a great up close shot of the little rabbits.

5.  Allow Us to See the Whole Finished Project

There are times when seeing just a small portion of a picture is not enough to make a reader visit your post.  Room tours and furniture are great examples of times when a clear picture of an entire piece of furniture or display is necessary.  

The Drexel Triune Dresser from The Painted Drawer

Spring Dining Room from Home Remedies RX

It is impossible to use all these tips on every picture you post at a link party.  I struggle sometimes with having a photo that shows a good representation of my post.  But I hope that these ideas inspire you to work to create images that lure more visitors to your blog!

On now onto this week's party.....

In case you've never been here before, this party is hosted by five different bloggers. That means what you link up here will be seen (and possibly featured) on FIVE different blogs at one time!  The five of us also are sharing our features on our party's Pinterest board if you'd like to follow along.

Whether you have something to share today or you just want to get some inspiration, I appreciate you stopping by.  Take a moment to see what has been featured and spread some love to some of the bloggers linking up their posts this week!

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Lauren's Pick:  Mirrored Closet Door Makeover from The Honeycomb Home
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Kendra's Pick:  Wood Slice Hanging Planter from The Hatched Home
Jamie's Pick:  DIY Clock from McCall Manor for 3 Little Greenwoods
Amy and Vicki's Pick:  Chalk Painted 3-Drawer Nightstand from The Crowned Goat

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