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Country Home Magazine and Some Trash to Treasure Finds

So how was your weekend?  Saturday was an almost summer like day here and provided the perfect opportunity for getting some cleanup done in the yard.  Last summer, my mom and I trimmed up the pine trees by the road up to encourage them to grow from the inside again.  This also seemed to encourage the snow plow to clear the snow from our yard as well as the road.  It was seriously wide enough to have a three lane road....unnecessary since there are only three houses on the street.  This left a lot of stones and gravel to rake out of the front yard.  It is done now and feels like a real accomplishment to have it cleaned up already in the season.


I mentioned a few weeks ago that my mom and I have been cleaning at my grandma's home.  The basement, like a lot of homes, became a catch-all for things not needed on the main floor of the house.  Add in the fact that the basement has had some flooding on a few occasions. and we have a bit of a mess on our hands.  Unfortunately, there is a lot that just has to be tossed, but I found a few treasures that I thought I'd share with you.

Do you remember Country Home magazine?  It was one of my favorites, if not the favorite, magazine and it was so upsetting when it stopped being published as a monthly subscription.  Well, I happened to find two issues from 2003 with other old magazines and couldn't have been more thrilled looking through them.  And what was even more exciting was that even though the magazines are twelve years old, the articles and style are still so relevant for today.  That to me is a sign of a great magazine or company.  

Would you like to browse through an issue with me?

So much in this living room is the exact look that many of us are striving for today....grain sack pillow, neutral couch, thick vintage-wood mirror.   The style is simple, yet comfortable.  Nothing trendy or frilly.

An arrangement of colorful spring tulips in a white vase is so timeless and stylish.  This would look beautiful in any home this time of the year.

And an article about flea-market style bedrooms.....right up my alley.  The iron bed, distressed nightstand, and painted bench at the foot of the bed make a perfect room for sleeping.  And look at those old wood floors!

I'm totally missing this magazine even more now that I've been reminded of what it was!  I know they put out a yearly "magazine" but it just isn't the same as having monthly, seasonally appropriate inspiration.  Ah...the good old days :)  Was this one of your favorite magazines, too?


And now onto  my trash to treasure finds.....

Both of these pieces are pretty shabby right now, and will really only enthuse those of you who enjoy thinking about what some thing could be rather than what it is right now.  It seems as though that is what makes me the most excited to find, though.  I'm a person who looks for potential.  I see treasures where some people may only see trash.

My first find is a wood and metal plant stand.  It is beyond rusty and even has the starting of a small hole in the middle.  It is the perfect height for a little side table, though, and will coordinate with our patio furniture that also has metal leaves on it.  Hopefully after taking a wire brush to the rust and some sanding, I'll be able to prime and paint the metal.   I even already have a round piece of glass to form the table top.  I guess we will have to wait to see what happens!

And my second find was this mirror that was still hanging on the closet door in my mom's old bedroom.  You can't tell from this picture, but it has a beautiful beveled edge around the outside.  I've got plans on making a large trumeau mirror out of it.  The glass is super heavy so it will probably have to be one that sits on the floor and leans against the wall.

While screwing the mirror off of the closet door, I almost had seven years of bad luck sent my way.  Trying to be smart and logical, I started unscrewing the bottoms and sides of the mirror leaving the top screw for last.  Makes sense, right?  Then the mirror won't fall forwards as I'm taking the bottom screw out and there isn't anything to hold.  The problem with that idea was that the top screw was too short and wasn't actually holding anything up.  So as I was almost done unscrewing the second side, the whole mirror fell off of the door.  Luckily, there was a small lip on the door to catch the mirror, otherwise it would have went crashing to the cement floor.  All is well, though, and the mirror is in one piece!

(And no, there isn't still snow on my deck.  This picture was taken about a month ago and I never got the post written.)

So that was my weekend and some upcoming DIY plans.  What did you do (or find) lately?

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