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February 10, 2015

It is so much fun to see the responses coming in from the Reader's Survey that was posted on Sunday.  Even though it is all anonymous, I love being able to find out a little about you and why you spend some time in your day here.  And your answers are invaluable for helping me with what you are able to read below.  If you haven't had a chance to answer the survey, it can be taken here.

I also have to say that I have been so encouraged by the number of you reading, commenting, pinning, etc, lately.  It has become more clear since I switched over to Mail Chimp just how many of you are actually opening your emails and clicking through to see what I have to share for the day.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It doesn't matter how many people subscribe or like a blog if they aren't actually reading it.

Blogging is not what it used to be, though.  It has changed so much just in the two years that I've been doing it and so much more if you look back five years or more.  There are a lot of us out there now, all trying to live a version of our dreams.  What was once an interesting way to make money simply by posting a project and running some ads in no longer working for everyone.  Bloggers rely on ad revenue (and as much as I normally hate them, sponsored posts).  And while those of you who don't blog may be turned off by this, it is necessary in order to at least make enough to pay for the many projects we do for our blogs.

The past few months have seen a down turn in ad revenues and bloggers are being hurt by this.  I had my own little freak out moment at the end of January when I realized that anderson + grant the blog is not going to become a business all on it's own.  And while that was a horrible realization for a few days, it really made me stop to consider where I can take things.  And it is not just me who is having to think through these things.

Let me be clear.....I love blogging and anderson + grant is here to stay.  Things really are not going to change here.  But I also can no longer stay just a blog.  In order to see success, I'm going to have to think bigger and outside the walls of just posting inspiration for you.  There is still a lot to work out in my mind and behind the scenes.  But, I have some big plans that I think you are going to enjoy.  You'll be learning more about many of these things over the upcoming weeks and months.

One place I'd like to start is by focusing on the business of selling again.  So many of you have asked when I'm going to start listing things that I've made to purchase again in my online store.  It was exciting to be able to sell the things I created, but other things started to take my time away from photographing and listing items.

I've also gotten requests for the ability to be able to buy some of my fabulous finds rather than just seeing what I've bought for myself.

AND I've had to send people to other vendors for the things you want to buy that I'm decorating with, even though I can easily be selling them directly to you!  I can't even count the number of times anymore that I could have sold the lantern that you've seen me decorate with so often!

While I'm still going to be devoting plenty of time to this blog, I'm also going to be spending a lot of time shopping (and love that I have an excuse to do it now!) and finding things that I think you will like for yourself.  New things, old things, and handmade things.

And I can't just talk about selling and not give you a little peek at the things I just picked up for the store.  I'm in the process of looking at a couple of vendors for popular items like boxwood and lanterns.  There are some handcrafted projects in the works.  And there are great vintage items out there just waiting to be found!

So here is the chance to see what I've just listed.  Each picture is linked to my store.  Plus, for right now, shipping is FREE on anything you purchase!

And just as a little FYI.....subscribers to anderson + grant got a little preview and first chance to purchase so if you are the type of person who likes to be first in line at a sale, you might want to make sure you are one of those subscribers! :)


Wood Mirror Painted with Blue Chalk Paint available at

This mirror is one that I've hand painted with a light blue chalk paint.  It was purchased unfinished at an estate sale and I believe it was probably handmade.  The distressed finished turned out great and it is a pretty shabby piece for hanging on the wall.

Ironstone Chamber Pot available from

I found a few old ironstone chamber pots at a consignment shop.  While we don't need them for their original use nowadays, they are great to use in displays.  Add some boxwood, a tree at Christmas time, or even some towels in the bathroom.

Vintage Silver Plated Serving Spoon available at

Tarnished silver is one of my favorite looks.  I was so excited to find a beautiful silver plated serving spoon and fork, but I can't keep everything for myself!  Unfortunately they aren't a matched set, but they still are pretty!

Green Metal Floral Frog available at

Floral frogs are great for using in flower arrangements as well as decorative pieces.  Layla from The Lettered Cottage even had one on her blog the other day being used as a pencil holder!

Vintage Manual Ecko Egg Beaters from

Last week, I mentioned my little obsession with kitchen utensils.  So, when I found these old manual egg beaters I had to have them.  There is something so charming about things from the past, isn't there?

My entire closet is outfitted in vintage wood hangers I purchased in a huge lot on Ebay.  Old ones have been used for many years and show so much natural wear.  Not only are these two great for starting your own collection for your clothes or coat closet, but I think they are pretty just to hang on the wall in a display.

And I've got just one more set of the EAT Cutting Boards created for my post a few weeks ago.  Last chance to get your own!


So that is the first step to building anderson + grant into the business I want it to be. I hope you see something that you love as much as I do.  More interesting news (and fabulous finds) to come soon!  Have a great day friends!

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