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January 28, 2015

As I type this post, I'm hanging my head in shame.  Not because I bought items that I regret.  Not because I spent more money than I should.  And not because I think you aren't going to like what I have to share.  I'm ashamed because I bought these items over Black Friday weekend.....the end of November....and I'm just now taking the time to share them with you.

Christmas took over and I never got a chance to snap any pictures or write up a post in December.  And January has pretty much gotten away from me as well.  But nothing here is season specific, so it is just as good to see my fabulous finds now as it would have been at the beginning of December!


Typically, I'm not going to show clothes here on anderson + grant.   This isn't a fashion blog.  I know yesterday, my post was about finding joy in picking out outfits for the week.  And now here I am sharing a skirt.  But the clothing posts will stop here, I swear.

There is an amazing little consignment shop  that I absolutely love a few hours from my house.  It has a little bit of everything, including clothes.  I saw this vintage wool skirt and thought it would be beautiful fabric to make something out of.  (Yes, for those of you vintage clothing lovers, I was going to cut up a perfectly good piece of vintage clothing.  I'm sorry.)

The longer I looked at the skirt, though, the more I realized that I actually liked it for myself.  It looked like something I could wander into Banana Republic and buy today.  And it looked like it would be my size.

So I bought it and told myself that if it fit, the skirt was meant to be mine.  And if it didn't fit, it was meant to be used for a DIY.

It fit.....and was a whole $4 well spent.

At the same shop, I found this basket with a really great shape.  It isn't old, but is very interesting being so tall with a latched top.  (You may remember seeing it filled with greenery beside my red chair in my Christmas Home Tour).  I'm contemplating painting and distressing it like I did on a picnic basket.  Opinions?

Over Black Friday weekend, I admit I was a little mercury glass obsessed.  I have plans for doing something with it this fall and everywhere I went seemed to have another mercury class object I needed to have.  Some of them came from various gift shops and some came from Pier One Imports.

And I can't claim this cabinet as my own because my mom bought it, but it was still a fabulous find from that weekend.  The beautiful aqua blue piece is now hanging in the bathroom.  Isn't the trim amazing?

My favorite find of the trip was this carpenter's stool.  I spent way more than I probably should have, but it was love at first sight.  Anything in old wood always calls my name.   The cuts and nicks in the wood add so much character, and utilitarian pieces like this made by hand are charming.

 I'm planning on removing the horizontal wood boards on the bottom (one is already halfway off).  I think they were added after the stool was created to make it a bit more sturdy, but I'm not going to be sitting or climbing on it.  

I also purchased $40 worth of pumpkins for 90% off at Hobby Lobby.  Big ones, small ones, and everything in between.  Close your eyes and imagine how many pumpkins that must be at that discount.  Let's just say I checked out an entire cart full of pumpkins and then came back to finish my shopping.  You'll have to wait until the fall to see what happens with the pumpkins, though!

So those were my fabulous Black Friday finds two months later.  What have you purchased lately that you think is fabulous?

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