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Family Bible from 1857

Vintage Family Bible from 1857 |

I love the look of old books and enjoy using them in displays around my house.  Some of them mean more to me than others.  One such book is a family Bible that dates back to 1857.  It belonged to my great-great-great grandparents.  I also have Bibles that belonged to my grandmother (from 1931) and great grandmother.

Vintage Family Bible from 1857 |

Books are so common and easy to get in our modern world, but in the 1860s I'm sure that it was rare to have books of your own.  Bibles were important to families.  You can tell by the condition of this Bible that it was obviously used, not just something that has sat on a shelf for close to 160 years.

Vintage Family Bible from 1857 |

The cover is embossed and was probably quite beautiful when it was made.  It even has my great-great-great grandparents names printed on the cover.

Vintage Family Bible from 1857 |

There is so much wear and damage to the cover of the book.  The front cover is almost completely off.  But this Bible has existed for close to 160 years.  It has been passed through generations of family members and even moved over the years from the United States to Canada and then back again.

Vintage Family Bible from 1857 |

Vintage Family Bible from 1857 |

Family Bibles were (and still are) places to record births, deaths, and marriages in the family.  My Bible also had handwritten notes with this information on it.  

Isn't old handwriting just beautiful?  It is sometimes hard to read, but I love that people used to take the time to write in such a lovely fashion.  I can just picture my ancestors sitting at a desk using an ink pen slowly and carefully writing down the family's important information.  

Vintage Family Bible from 1857 |

I enjoy doing genealogy research on the many branches of my family tree.  One of the best places to find important information is in these Bibles that have been passed through the family.  It is amazing what you can find out about your ancestors just by knowing their name and birth and death dates.  The internet makes this information so much easier to access now than it was for genealogists not that long ago.

Vintage Tin Type Photo |

Also found inside this Bible was an old tin type photo.  I can't be sure as to who the woman is in the picture, but I'm assuming it must be a picture of my great-great-great grandmother.  Tin type photography was popular in the 1860s, and the woman pictured looks to be about the correct age.  

Old pictures are another one of my vintage loves.  And like books, having a pile of photos was not common many years ago.  I love each and every photo of a family member I can get my hands on, even if it is just a digital copy from someone else.

It is quite amazing to be able to hold something in your hands that your grandparents held and wrote in over 150 years before you.  I know that for many, something like this doesn't mean anything.  This Bible is just an old, tattered book.  But for others of us, this is a treasure.  

Do you have anything that you treasure from the past?

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