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August 25, 2014

I'm so excited today to introduce you to four amazing bloggers, as well as share a little bit about myself.  You may have noticed a tour going around on your favorite blogs, and I have been lucky enough to be invited to participate.  This Tour of Blogland is a fantastic way to get a little glimpse of some great blogs you may not be aware of!

I'd like start by thanking Adrienne from Chic California for inviting me.  She shares some amazing projects and creative ideas on her blog.  She enjoys transforming furniture and finding great treasures, which, or course, I love!  Right now she is beginning the process of designing her craft room and I can't wait to see it when the room is done.  Be sure to take a glance at her project gallery to get a good idea of the projects she creates.

And now onto a little about myself.....

1.  What am I currently working on?

With the fall season right around the corner, I've started creating a few autumn inspired projects to share in the next couple of weeks.  Today I am transforming some plastic pumpkins with chalk paint and jute for a more realistic looking version.  I'm also creating a project to hang on my front door in place of a wreath.

In addition to those crafty projects, I'm also working on starting a series about decorating my "dream" house.  Although I don't own my own home right now that I can make changes to, it doesn't mean that i don't have plans.  I'm putting together some mood boards with furniture, fabric, lighting, and accessories....all things that I would want if I were putting together my own space.  

And as always....I have a pile of furniture and thrift store finds waiting to be made into something better!

2.  How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Unfortunately with so many blogs and creative minds out there, it is hard to really be different than bloggers in the same genre.  Coming up with ideas that have never been done before is hard.  Just when you think that you have created something original, someone else posts the same project a day before yours!  My goal is always to think outside the box and use my creativity to come up with different twists to projects.  

3.  Why do I write or create what I do?

I have always enjoyed creating.  Even as a child, I liked to draw and do crafty projects.  In college I found that I enjoyed interior decorating and designing.  Starting a blog has allowed me to combine everything that I am passionate about from writing and photography to crafting, cooking, and designing.  Blogging gives me the opportunity to have my dream job where I can do the things I love and hopefully inspire all of you at the same time.

4.  How does my writing and creating process work?

My mind is always creating.  There are many nights that it is impossible to fall asleep because I'm crafting or designing in my head.  Sometimes the ideas that I come up with work, but other times they don't.  I think that in the creative process failure is often as beneficial as success.  

I love looking Pinterest, other blogs, and magazines.  I am constantly inspired by what others are doing and how they are putting their ideas out there.   It is impossible for me not to create and decorate because practically everything I see inspires me somehow!

I keep a notebook where I right down project and recipe ideas as well as the initial plans that I have for a post.  I also have many posts started in a draft stage and add to them whenever I'm inspired until both the project and post are completed.

One thing that I cannot do is to keep an editorial calendar.  I know that is one of the things that practically every post on "What a blogger should do," suggests, but I just can't do it.  I've tried....numerous times.  But actually nailing down a plan of exactly what I'm going to post and when stresses me out!

And now I would like to introduce you to three more blogs that I love!

You may remember my best blog friend Lisa from Mabey She Made It.  She did a post here last fall about making a beautiful acorn wreath.  As someone who is only able to sew a simple pillow, I am always in awe of the skills she possesses when it comes to sewing!  She also comes up with some creative crafty projects that add an extra special touch to your home.....all this while renovating a house and raising a newborn baby girl and two young daughters!

Suzanne from The Painted Drawer
My friend Suzanne from The Painted Drawer is always amazing me with the beautiful way that she transforms furniture.  Much of the furniture is available to purchase in her online store.  She also shares some great decorating tips and inspiration that will add some vintage charm to your space.

And finally, the minute that I looked at the Rustique Restoration about a month ago, I knew that it was a blog that I needed to start following.  Jen has a gift of being able to make furniture beautiful, but she also has incredible talent at staging and photographing the furniture as well. 

A lot of bloggers have already participated or will soon be posting in this tour.  Even though they are not continuing this tour from this blog, I wanted to point out three more blogs that I am falling in love with right now.....

Emma at Lily Allsorts

Vicki and Amy at Canary Street Crafts

I hope you enjoyed having a little peek into my creative world.  Have fun checking out all these other great blogs!

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