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My Recent Vintage Finds

Shopping for Preserved Boxwood and Ironstone | Anderson & Grant

I'm here to admit that I've been suffering from a case of mid-summer slump.  Has this been happening to you?  With the hustle of the Fourth of July holiday and family get-togethers, plus a large list of outdoor summer projects, I've been getting nothing finished.  And what I do get finished can never be photographed due to the dreary, rainy weather we've been having here in PA.  Seriously, this summer is rivaling any rainy spring that I've seen!  

This past weekend, I took a mini-vacation with my mom to Erie, PA for a little relaxation and shopping....and now I think I might be getting back on track here.  There's nothing like a little retail therapy to cure a mid-summer slump!

There are some great shops in Erie for finding vintage pieces at good prices.  I thought I would share a few of my finds with you today.

Vintage Ironstone | Anderson & Grant

I love white pottery and Ironstone.  At one of my favorite shops, I picked up this beautiful ironstone teapot with a wheat design.  The tag (which I didn't bother reading until I got it home) says that it is from around 1859.  It has a crack down one side and the top of the lid had been broken off and reattached.  But seriously, after 150 years, don't we all show a little wear?

Vintage Ironstone | Anderson & Grant

At the same store, I also bought this metal scoop.  Metal that has a lot of age and patina always catches my eye.   And I'm in love with the look of the nails so evenly spaced around the handle.

Vintage Metal Scoop with Wood Handle | Anderson & Grant

Vintage Metal Scoop with Wood Handle | Anderson & Grant

At Goodwill, I snatched up this silver spaghetti fork.  I've never seen anything like this before.  I'm still wondering how many fancy dinner parties would serve spaghetti and need a fancy fork made of silver, but obviously some do.  The handle is just beautiful.  Did I need a silver spaghetti fork?  No. Would I have regretted not buying a unique item?  Yes.....It came home with me.

Vintage Silver Spaghetti Fork | Anderson & Grant

Beautiful Handle on Vintage Silver Spaghetti Fork | Anderson & Grant

I'm a little (overly) obsessed with boxwood right now, and was actually on the hunt for some preserved boxwood.  I found some different sized topiaries at Pier One and couldn't make up my mind which size I I bought both.  The pots have just the perfect look for these topiaries, don't you agree?

Boxwood Topiaries from Pier One Imports | Anderson & Grant

Boxwood Topiaries from Pier One Imports | Anderson & Grant

Before finding the perfect boxwood topiaries, I was at a consignment shop that had this wood box.  I bought it thinking it would be perfect for a boxwood ball.  Normally I'm all about painting bare wood, but I really love the look of this finish as is.  

Wooden Planter | Anderson and Grant

Wooden Planter | Anderson & Grant

Since I didn't want to tear apart my beautiful and expensive Pier One boxwood, I found a cheap faux version of a boxwood ball at another store that actually looks pretty real from a distance. So, yes, one shopping trip and I come home with three boxwoods....I told you I'm obsessed.

Wooden Planter with Boxwood Ball | Anderson and Grant

I really was shopping for myself on this trip (although shopping for myself nowadays seems to involve shopping for items that I both love and will look great in my photo shoots!).  I'm trying to pick up the things that really speak to me.  But just so you have something to look forward to here, I also bought a few items for upcoming projects......

A beautiful wood box.....well, it will be beautiful!

Carved Wooden Box with Mirror | Anderson & Grant

Carved Wooden Box | Anderson & Grant

A bentwood basket that hopefully (fingers crossed) will work for a project I've been rolling around in my head for awhile.

Bentwood Basket | Anderson & Grant

A very rustic little wood stool.

Rustic Wood Footstool | Anderson & Grant

There are still a few more things that I bought but haven't had a chance to snap pictures yet.  I don't go away shopping many times throughout the year, and I have just about nothing worth shopping at in the area I live in.  But when I do go away, I like to do it up big!

Have you purchased anything interesting lately?

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