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Tearing Down a Piece from My Childhood

Twenty two years ago, my dad built a playhouse for me in the backyard.  It was my own little "log cabin" next to the woods.  The logs were actually picket fence boards, and the cabin was framed just like a real house with real roof shingles.  There were plexi-glass windows on the sides that could be removed to let the fresh air inside.   It was decorated with curtains on the windows and an upholstered bench for sitting.   There was even a fake Coleman lantern hanging inside for "light." 

Countless hours were spent playing inside this cabin with my friends.  Elementary school gossip was spread.  Numerous crushes were discussed.

My neighborhood friend April and I even opened a "craft" store out of my cabin.  We would use markers to color on scraps of wood leftover from projects my dad was working on.  We never had any customers in our shop that weren't relatives, but it was our first venture into the business world.  The items I sell now are much different than in that first business and I'd like to think that I've gotten more creative at displaying items and advertising, but everyone has to start somewhere.  Wait a minute....I'm still using scrap wood for projects.  Well, at least I've moved away from markers!

I was 9 when the cabin was built, so it wasn't too long before my friends and I were too old and tall to play in the cabin anymore.  Rather than just sit empty, it became a place to store outdoor pots and decorations for the winter.  Unfortunately, it turned more into a place for the castoffs outside that my mom and I no longer knew what to do with, and the squirrels and chipmunks in the neighborhood took this as an invitation to move in.  They then forwarded their invitation to the neighborhood deer to help themselves to the bushes planted alongside the cabin.

For a few years now, my mom has been saying that the shed needed to be torn down, but it became really clear that it needed to be finally taken care of this year.  This picture is straight....the cabin not so much.

So, that is what the two of us spent a portion of our weekend doing.  Pulling board by board off the outside and dismantling the frame until finally with a little push, the cabin was down.

A trip has already been taken to Goodwill to drop off some of the things taken out of the cabin.  A few of the decorations that were kept got scattered through the garden.  Some of the pickets that were still in good condition were moved into the barn.....My mom found a sign on Pinterest that she'd like made out of a few of the pickets, and I have a few more DIYs in my head for the boards and a few of the "trashed" pieces from inside that were too far gone for Goodwill.  The dirt has been smoothed out where the cabin stood.  Basically we are all cleaned up.  

And the weekend ended with a campfire and some hot dogs to burn the wood that wasn't saved.  

It was sad to see my childhood cabin go since it was not only a place where I enjoyed time with my friends, but also because it was something my dad had made for me.  Knowing that it had to go makes it a little easier, though.  It was never intended to last well into my adulthood, and honestly if it weren't for the neighborhood "guests" digging under the foundation, it would still be in fine condition!   

All in all, it was a big accomplishment for the weekend!  And what about you?  Did you get any big projects done?

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