Serving Ice Cream Sandwiches for Your Fourth of July Party

June 24, 2014

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When you are entertaining, the presentation of what you are serving is just about as important as the taste of the food.  Your guest love to see that you've taken the time to put that extra special touch on your meal or party.  

Today, I'm sharing two posts for you.  I put together a recipe for mixed berry ice cream sandwiches that I think you will love.  And as I was preparing the delicious dessert, I thought it might be fun to share some tips for serving the treat to your guests at any upcoming Fourth of July or summer parties that you might be having. 

How to Serve Ice Cream Sandwiches at your Fourth of July Party from

Last July, I picked up these great red, white and blue serving dishes at a HUGE discount from Hobby Lobby.  (I think that they were 90% off....Who can turn that down?)  I knew I'd be able to use them for something and got these two, plus another smaller serving pedestal.  Aren't they a perfect statement on the table for the Fourth? 

The ice cream sandwiches have been wrapped neatly in waxed paper and then secured with a piece of red polka dot washi tape.  They should be okay for a short time on your table, but to increase the length of time before the ice cream starts to melt, leave your plate in the refrigerator before serving.

Since the ice cream sandwich cookies are mixed berry, I added some raspberries to the display as well as a bowl full for the guest who may prefer a healthier dessert.

A few special touches let your guests know you've taken the time to prepare a great party for them....Visit for Fourth of July entertaining ideas.

Finish off your dessert table with plates, silverware, and napkins, as well as any other treats you might be serving.  
Just by adding the little touches of red, white and blue and details like the washi tape, your presentation instantly looks put together and special.  And you don't need to go out and buy anything new....."shop" your house and you'd probably be amazed at what you could mix together.  

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