My Weekend Project

June 10, 2014

Yesterday, I mentioned that I've been working on some outdoor projects.  One of those projects is repainting my outdoor dining table and chairs.  It was purchased quite a few years ago, but is still in perfect condition other than having some rust spots and chipping paint.  
I spent the weekend working on two of the five chairs and still have the table to do.  It is a much slower process than I anticipated, but the two chairs that are done look great.  

Normally I get discouraged when a job goes slower than anticipated, but I have to say that I was really enjoying the process on Saturday.  Neither of my next door neighbors were home, so it was quiet.....just me and the chirping birds under a shady tree in the backyard.  That is how I like to get things done!

There is a chance of rain here all week, but the weekend looks like it will be beautiful once again.  Hopefully, I can get the whole dining set done to share with you next week....and it will be one thing crossed off my to-do list!
What projects are you working on right now?

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