"Fixer Upper"....My New Favorite Show

June 26, 2014

In the past, I've shared a few of my favorite renovation shows with you (Sarah's House and Rehab Addict) and now I've got another one to add to the top of the list.  I'm totally crushing on the show "Fixer Upper," which also airs on HGTV.   Have you been watching it?
The show aims to "pick the worst house in the best neighborhood," and by the end there is no doubt that it is now probably one of the best houses.
Chip and Joanna Gaines are the people behind the show which is filmed in Waco, Texas.  Chip focuses on the construction portion of the house, while Joanna is in charge of the design work.  Both are crazy talented at what they do.  And they have a very natural humor and great personalities.  There are some jokes that just can't be scripted.   
One thing that I love about this show over other home reno shows right now is that this one isn't about huge expensive homes with a huge budget for renovations (although they did one of those).  The first show that I watched featured a $10,000 house renovated with a low budget.  But in the end, it doesn't matter what was spent on the house or renovations because it is beautiful.   I'm such a fan of the idea of buying a super cheap, old home and and turning it into something great with my own two hands.
Take a look at this before and after....Amazing, right?

Another nice feature of the show is that they tackle the whole house....inside and outside...upstairs and downstairs.  The design may be adjusted when something affects the budget, but they still complete the house in the end.....and sometimes they do more than what was expected.
I think one reason why I enjoy watching this show so much is that the finished rooms incorporate the exact style I'm aiming for.  The completed spaces are clean and simple. There are new items mixed with very old ones.  Furniture purchased at the store is paired along with furniture that has been handmade.  The rooms aren't trendy, but feel very cozy and relaxing.   And Joanna finds unique ways to use everyday objects, which makes the space feel one-of-a kind and special.  Plus, she has a little obsession with knocking down walls, which is normally what I think needs done in most houses during renovation!

This couple is amazing.  Not only do they have this fantastic show, but they bought and renovated a really old farmhouse....complete with barnyard animals.  You have to check out the before pictures of the house.  They live here with their four children.

They also have a company named Magnolia Homes doing  remodeling, design, and new home construction. Plus, they offer real estate services under the company Magnolia Realty.
And if that isn't enough, they have a boutique in Waco, plus an online shop, where you can get the Magnolia style for your own home.  Can I just say, that I think I would like to purchase everything listed in the online store?

The show is an inspiration, but not just because the rooms and houses are beautiful at the end.  The couple started their life together with a dream and the willingness to work.  Combine that with their talents and they've made an amazing business and life.   
Episodes air Thursday evenings, with a new one on at 9PM.  I'm not sure how many episodes are left to season one, but knowing HGTV, the episodes will be repeated many times before it goes off the air!  
For more information you can check out their website (which features pictures from all the past shows) and Joanna's amazing blog.

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