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January 17, 2014

I started painting a sign to share with you today, but didn't get it done.  So rather than leaving you with nothing, I thought I'd share a couple of projects that you'll be seeing in the upcoming weeks (or months knowing how I get things done!).

My mom purchased this cabinet to use as her pantry when she remodels the kitchen soon.  (The remodeling had to start a little early so that there was somewhere to put the cabinet....there used to be a countertop where the cabinet is now sitting.)  The entire piece has been made by hand.  As the woman who sold it to her said, "It is very big and very heavy.  But it is very beautiful."    As you can see, though, the very big piece is unfinished.  So the plan is to stain the entire piece and then paint and distress the outside.   This is going to be a very big project!

I'm also going to be refinishing my grandma's antique dining room table and chairs for my mom's dining room.  I actually started working on the chairs over the summer but then got behind with all the problems that came with 2013.  So, three of the chairs are painted and two more are waiting for paint (and neither my mom or I really know where there are five chairs rather than four or six).  And then the table will have a stained top and painted bottom.  The table is inaccessible right now, so I can only show a picture of the unfinished chair.

Just a little something for you to look forward to seeing.

Do you have any big projects you'll be starting soon?

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