Something From Under My Christmas Tree

January 7, 2014

I thought I'd take a break from finishing my holiday clean up to share one of the gifts I received for Christmas.  While I always love to shop for great vintage pieces, occasionally there are reproduction vintage items for sale that have the same old charm.

My mom picked up this amazing metal chest of drawers at Hobby Lobby for me.  You would almost not even know that it is a modern, factory made piece just from looking at it.  It has a great patina and is actually quite heavy.

The piece is going to be perfect for storing some of my smaller craft supplies.  The twelve little drawers are just the right size for things like paddles of wire, embellishments, and scraps of ribbon.....all the little things that get lost when mixed in with other supplies.

And I'm really crazy about the metal label holders on the front of the great to keep me organized!

I love that you can look in the home decor section of Hobby Lobby to find something to organize your life!  Proves yet again that you always have to be thinking outside of the box when never know where you are going to find the exact thing that you need!

I haven't started putting anything in the drawers yet, but I'm so excited to have somewhere to place the small items I find as I start organizing my craft supplies!

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