Must Watch TV....Rehab Addict

January 16, 2014

If you are interested in seeing old, beat-up houses turned into beautiful homes again, then you should be watching Rehab Addict.  It is a DIY Network show, but HGTV is playing episodes of the show on Thursdays at 9PM.  They are also reairing the first episodes this Saturday at 8AM so you can get caught up.

Nicole Curtis buys old historic houses, some of which are slated for demolition.  Not only does she make them look fantastic again, but she works hard at maintaining old features like hardwood floors and cabinets. Unlike typical home remodeling shows, there is no trashing of cabinets or breaking up tile unless it is truly unusable.   You can get a lot of great repurposing ideas from this show.

Nicole definitely is willing to get down and dirty to fix up her houses, but by the end of the episode she is as put-together and girly as can be.  She has a must watch show if you enjoying seeing home renovations!

Have you been watching Rehab Addict?

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