It Was Meant to Be Mine

January 14, 2014

Has there ever been something that you consider buying, and then regretted when you didn't?  And then if you went back for that special something and it was still there, you were meant to buy it?

Back in July I took a shopping trip to Erie, PA.  There is a few consignment shops and antique stores that I enjoy visiting in the towns outside of Erie.  One of these consignment shops is in Cambridge Springs.  They had a vintage tablecloth and napkins that I thought was exquisite.  The detail of the cross-stitching was amazing.  The blue thread on the white fabric really popped.

But I walked away from it.  The tablecloth wasn't anything that I needed and it didn't fit into the decorating scheme going on in the dining room.  And to be honest, I'm cheap when it comes to buying things like this.  Put me in Banana Republic and my credit card flies out of my purse, but when I'm thrifting, I'm a bit more, well, thrifty.  But I did like the tablecloth.

When I went back to Erie Black Friday weekend, I told my mom that I was going to get the tablecloth if it were still there.  I said this knowing that things do not last long in this consignment shop and that it wouldn't be there......Well, it was, so I had to buy it.  Maybe someday it will match my decor.

Isn't it amazing how much quality can be in a handmade piece?  Even the backside of the tablecloth is fabulous.  Can you imagine how much care someone had to take to stitch such detail?  There isn't a thread out of place.

I think this is one reason why I've begun to love vintage pieces over what can be purchased in the store.  A machine can make anything and make it look good, but to see something that has been made so perfectly with someone's two hands is truly special.

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