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12 of the Best Valentine's Day Decorating Ideas

Have you decorated for Valentine's Day yet?  For me, it is one of those holidays that boarders on being overly cutsey with the decorations we make and display.  I like finding ideas that stick with my style by mixing a little elegant with a little vintage.....although there isn't anything wrong with adding a little pop of something cute, too! 

Here are a few of my favorite decorations and ideas I've found for Valentine's Day this year.  


Painting A Vintage Sign That Has Meaning

Hand painting a sign is a great way to add a unique piece of art to your walls.  The best part about doing one that is distressed and worn-looking is that the sign and painting is hard to mess up.  Even if you are not a great artist, the painting looks great once it is all sanded!

I decided to create a vintage-inspired sign, but wanted to do something a little different than the ones I've been seeing.  Rather than create a generic GROCERY sign or another one inspired by someone else, I chose to recreate a sign that holds a little meaning.

Pantone's Color of the Year on Etsy

In case you haven't heard, the color of the year is Radiant Orchid (at least according to Pantone, the "authority" on colors and trends).  I will be the first to admit that this is not a color that I would typically be crazy about.  I'm more of a neutral person, so vibrant purple is a bit of a stretch.  But the more I searched for some orchid inspiration, the more I realized that it is actually a great color for accessories and fabrics to mix in with those neutrals.  There seems to be a wide range of purple hues that are falling under this Radiant Orchid name and the rainbow of choices really mix well together.


Upcoming Projects

I started painting a sign to share with you today, but didn't get it done.  So rather than leaving you with nothing, I thought I'd share a couple of projects that you'll be seeing in the upcoming weeks (or months knowing how I get things done!).

My mom purchased this cabinet to use as her pantry when she remodels the kitchen soon.  (The remodeling had to start a little early so that there was somewhere to put the cabinet....there used to be a countertop where the cabinet is now sitting.)  The entire piece has been made by hand.  As the woman who sold it to her said, "It is very big and very heavy.  But it is very beautiful."    As you can see, though, the very big piece is unfinished.  So the plan is to stain the entire piece and then paint and distress the outside.   This is going to be a very big project!


Must Watch TV....Rehab Addict

If you are interested in seeing old, beat-up houses turned into beautiful homes again, then you should be watching Rehab Addict.  It is a DIY Network show, but HGTV is playing episodes of the show on Thursdays at 9PM.  They are also reairing the first episodes this Saturday at 8AM so you can get caught up.


Old Fashioned "TV Snack" Chex Mix

If you search the Internet, you'll find many different recipes for homemade Chex Mix and then there are many different varieties packaged by Chex.  I prefer the homemade to the store bought version and prefer this recipe to all the homemade versions I've tasted.  This version is actually different than any other recipes that I've seen.


It Was Meant to Be Mine

Has there ever been something that you consider buying, and then regretted when you didn't?  And then if you went back for that special something and it was still there, you were meant to buy it?

Back in July I took a shopping trip to Erie, PA.  There is a few consignment shops and antique stores that I enjoy visiting in the towns outside of Erie.  One of these consignment shops is in Cambridge Springs.  They had a vintage tablecloth and napkins that I thought was exquisite.  The detail of the cross-stitching was amazing.  The blue thread on the white fabric really popped.


A Year Later and I've Finished A Painting Project

Isn't it amazing how much better something can look after a good coat of paint?  It's such an easy and cheap fix, but I've been letting this desk sit unfinished for a year.  Doesn't it look great now that it's done?

Many years ago (Probably close to ten), I went shopping with my mom and my aunt at a wallpaper store in Titusville, PA.  I am the type of person who can typically find something to buy just about anywhere I go and this day was no exception.  I'm not sure why there was a desk for sale at a wallpaper store, but there was, and it had to come home with me.  The desk was painted a dark hunter green (this was back in the day when dark hunter green was one of the "must-have" colors in decorating) and had a very country look to it.

Decorating with Candlesticks

I just love decorating with a collection of something....suitcases, ironstone pitchers, baskets.  While one of something may be lost in a display or seem unimportant, adding a few more to the display instantly brings more attention to the piece.

On Monday I shared an easy DIY project for turning glass vases into candlesticks.  Candlesticks are one such "collectible" that look great combined together when done correctly.


Where Does A Name Come From?

Since starting my blog, I have been asked many times where I came up with the name Anderson & Grant.  It's a logical question and I thought I'd let you in on how I came up with the name.

I will admit that I have a problem with liking things for lengthy periods of time....this explains why I constantly seem to be adjusting the design of my blog.  I easily grow tired of clothes I buy, rooms that I decorate, or hobbies and habits that I start.  When I began thinking about starting my blog, I knew that I would have to pick a name that had actual meaning so that I wouldn't be tempted to tire of it!


Warm Up With Some Potato Corn Chowder

I can't believe this spell of cold weather we are having.. In my PA town yesterday's high was 0 with a negative 40 degree windchill....brrrr!  (I have a new appreciate for the cold my friend Brooke is experiencing in Alaska.....this cold spurt could me much, much worse!)  When it is freezing and windy outside, there is nothing better than a bowl of hot soup to warm you up.

Potato and Corn Chowder...delicious and simple recipe for a warm winter soup |

I absolutely love this recipe for Potato Corn Chowder and make it quite often during the winter.  The best part of the chowder is that it uses leftover mashed potatoes.  There are some foods that I don't mind eating as leftovers, but I'm not incredibly fond of reheating mashed potatoes.  Adding them to this chowder is a great way to use them up!


Something From Under My Christmas Tree

I thought I'd take a break from finishing my holiday clean up to share one of the gifts I received for Christmas.  While I always love to shop for great vintage pieces, occasionally there are reproduction vintage items for sale that have the same old charm.


Thrift Store Transformation...DIY Distressed Candlesticks

Happy Monday!  I hope you've enjoyed your first weekend of 2014.  I've been working on this project for a few weeks now and am so excited to finally be able to share it with you.  While the project itself doesn't take long to make, collecting enough of the glass bud vases took a little time.  Don't these candlesticks look gorgeous, though?


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