Excited for December

October 17, 2013

Every year, I get into the month of October and wish it were December.  By October, the preparations for the November open house totally take over my life and I get excited about the idea of it all being over.  So if you have felt like I've been somewhat missing here, you're partially right.  Maybe if each day were 48 hours instead of 24 (or I had no other obligations or a job!), I wouldn't be so overwhelmed, but they aren't and I am.  I thought I'd share with you today a little of what you can expect in the upcoming months........

In case you missed my previous plug for my open house, it is called A Christmas Gathering in Brockway and will be taking place November 21 through November 24 in Brockway, PA.  Our stop is under my mom's business name, Andie's Homespun Treasures.....The pictures on the website are quite a few years old and I hope to have some new ones up soon with our current inventory!  Everyone involved throughout the town has something different.  At our stop, we have my mom's hand sewn snowmen, gingerbread, santas, mice, etc displayed with my hand painted crafts, refurbished furniture, some vintage treasures, and some non-handcrafted holiday decor for those of you who aren't into the country/primitive look.  There is also amazingly delicious fudge and pumpkin cookies for sale.

In November I'll be posting (hopefully!) some delicious Thanksgiving recipes, tips on setting a welcoming table for your family dinner, showing you how I've transformed my fall decor into Thanksgiving, and sharing a great DIY project or two.

So, I'd love it if you could bear with me as I post probably three times a week, rather than the five days I'd rather be doing (actually, I would love to have so much to post and enough time to do it in that I could post seven days a week, twice a day....one can dream!)  It is hard to explain how all encompassing the open house can be when you get behind.  My goal for next year is to be so organized and prepared that the job becomes a breeze!

The good news is that following the open house, I plan on December being awesome around here.  I have a good amount of Christmas crafts and DIY projects in store for you (that's the benefit of having to prepare for the open house....my December should be a breeze because some of the work is already done!).  I'll also have some amazing decorating ideas, inspiration for your Christmas tree, entertaining ideas and great tasting recipes.  Anything in particular you'd like to see?

In other exciting December news....I am excited to announce that I will be a contributor to two different blogs....mycraftyspot.com and mycookingspot.com.  Erin approached me about being a contributor on one or both of her blogs and she was kind enough to agree to me starting AFTER the life consuming open house.  I am overjoyed that she asked and that my creations will be seen by even more readers.  I'm honored that she thought enough of my new blog to invite me.

So hopefully this gives you a little insight into my life right now and lets you see a little of what will be coming!  Thanks for reading!

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