The Process of Hiring a Blog Designer

September 15, 2013

In case you haven't noticed, I have a new blog design.  Another new blog design.  Yes, the second in a week's time.  Please let me explain.

It's hard to count how many blog designers there are out there.  Designers for every price point, every design style.  I started the process of a redesign on my own , but soon found I was spending too much of my time doing something that someone else could do better and faster.  That was July 1.  Unfortunately, though, for me hiring a designer did not turn out to be faster, and for some reason the process didn't work for me.  The designer is very competent but the design she did for me did not turn out like what I've seen her do in the past, even after a total redesign.  I didn't have that moment of  "I Love It!" after waiting for close to two and a half months for it to be installed.  This does not always happen....sometimes you get a fabulous design you adore.  But sometimes you don't.

So I decided to go back to the drawing board (literally).  When I tried to create my blog design before on the computer, I couldn't get the colors right, then I couldn't find the fonts to create the look I wanted, and then I couldn't get things to show up like I wanted.  As I started my redesign last week I realized...I'm an "artist" and a "designer" and I love to draw.  So I began sketching out my ideas on paper with a pencil, and then found some fonts that would match up.  Coincidentally enough, my last name is Hoover, and the font for my header is named Hooverville.  It was meant to be!  I also wanted the design to maintain the kind of hand written look that my sketch had.  Luckily, I found a font (Throw My Hands Up In the Air....and that is exactly what I wanted to do at times!) that really resembles my handwriting for the buttons on the side.

The hardest part then became figuring out the HTML codes that would format my blog in cyberspace the way I had it laid out on paper.  There really are a lot of tips and tutorials out there on the internet to explain whatever you might be having problems with.  Some of them work and some of them don't, but the point is that there is help out there regardless of your knowledge of coding.

Frankly, I love my new self-design.  I wanted it to be simple and clean, but have some special touches and I think I achieved that.  The charcoal and white design will really allow my photos to pop, and the touch of aqua is a great hint of color that continues in a slightly deeper shade into my social media buttons.  I think one of my favorite parts is that my post title is centered and the date appears below it.  I had seen this on a few other blogs, but didn't know how to recreate it until I searched.  I've also installed my Pinterest feed on the side of my page, as well as some links to some of my popular posts.

There are still some things to do to the design, like my about me page and an updated page of the fabulous places that have featured my projects, but it is up and running and I'm pleased.

My point in telling you all this is to let you know that YOU can redesign your blog, too.  You don't have to stick with the simple template that blogger supplies, and you don't necessarily have to pay a designer to create something, either.  If you have a design in your head, try it out.  I used Photoshop, but I've seen a lot of places showing how to use PicMonkey.  Start with a redesign of your blog's header, and then go from there.  It is like anything else that you've never done can be a little scary or frustrating at first, but you may very well end up with something you love.  (And that is what matters!)

So what do you think of my newest, new design?  I'd love to hear your comments!  Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog as it has grown over the past four months.  And if this is your first visit, I'd love for you to follow me in some way!  I have many new things in store for you!

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