Setting a Table for Fall

September 30, 2013

As I've said in the past, fall is my favorite season for decorating and that includes setting a lovely table.  I enjoy using nice dishes and vintage silverware, and adding some special touches to make my guests feel like I've taken the time to make their evening enjoyable.

Setting a nice table is no different than decorating a home.  You need a mixture of new and vintage, fancy and a bit more casual.  You also need a mixture of colors, patterns, and textures.  I enjoy an eclectic mix of elements that all come together for a cohesive look.

Distressed Pumpkin Crate for Fall

September 25, 2013

A few weeks ago, I participated in a blog swap with Lisa from Mabey She Made It.  Yesterday both of our projects were featured at Lil' Mrs. Tori from a party Lisa linked up to....isn't that crazy?

It is so exciting to be able to share my creation with a new audience, but I wanted to make sure that all of you saw what I painted, too!  After a recent email request, I'm also including a little bonus here for you, my loyal readers.....keep reading to the bottom and see what it is!

The Liebster Award!

September 24, 2013

I'm excited to share with you that I've been nominated for a Liebster Award by Miranda from Mr. and Mrs. Winslett!

Decorating Fall Cookies

September 22, 2013

To celebrate the first day of fall, my mom and I baked some cookies and decorated them for the season.  I love putting a little extra effort into decorating my cookies.  Even though I know they will be eaten and my hard work will be gone, it makes me feel good to see a nicely decorated cookie laying on the plate!

I used a "secret-family-recipe" that I can't share with you, but to me, it doesn't matter what recipe you use (you can even buy Pillsbury sugar cookies in a can to decorate!).  The important part is just taking the time to make your cookies special, especially if you do it with your family.

Rustic Meets Elegant Fall Mantel Display

September 20, 2013

I'm finally sharing one of my fall displays with you today.  Getting all the decorations out and placed around the house seemed to be a long time in coming this year, but I am really pleased with how everything looks now that the decorating is done.

It is hard to put my design style into one particular category.  Basically, I like what I like and that doesn't always translate into something that can be categorized.  This fall display showcases that....It is a bit rustic and country with pinecones and an antiqued pumpkin, but still elegant with glittered leaves and a glass mosaic pumpkin.

Favorite Blogger - Shayna from The Wood Grain Cottage

September 17, 2013

I read a lot of blogs. (....well, at least I try.  I currently have about 435 unread posts in my bloglovin' feed.)  Let me rephrase!  I love reading blogs and being inspired by the creative things people create.  From time to time, I'd like to share with you bloggers who are totally inspiring me.

20 Amazing Apple Recipes for Fall

September 16, 2013

As I'm sure you are aware, September is National Apple Month.  So, I thought what better time than now to put together a great collection of apple recipes.

The Process of Hiring a Blog Designer

September 15, 2013

In case you haven't noticed, I have a new blog design.  Another new blog design.  Yes, the second in a week's time.  Please let me explain.

It's hard to count how many blog designers there are out there.  Designers for every price point, every design style.  I started the process of a redesign on my own , but soon found I was spending too much of my time doing something that someone else could do better and faster.  That was July 1.  Unfortunately, though, for me hiring a designer did not turn out to be faster, and for some reason the process didn't work for me.  The designer is very competent but the design she did for me did not turn out like what I've seen her do in the past, even after a total redesign.  I didn't have that moment of  "I Love It!" after waiting for close to two and a half months for it to be installed.  This does not always happen....sometimes you get a fabulous design you adore.  But sometimes you don't.

Guest Blogger: Lisa from Mabey She Made It

September 13, 2013

I'm so excited to be participating in my first blog swap.  And even more excited to be sharing the day with Lisa!  She has some amazing ideas on her blog that I know you'll love.  And I'm loving this fall project that she is sharing with you here today!  So creative!

So, enjoy her post, and be sure to take time today to visit her blog, Mabey She Made It, to see my fall transformation.  I'll give you a involves fall, some decorative painting, and another estate sale treasure....Enjoy!

Sour Cream and Onion Chicken

September 11, 2013

I was thrilled when I found this recipe that combines two of my favorite foods....chicken and sour cream and onion potato chips.  Amazing, right?  I've been making this recipe for years now and it turns out great every time.  The recipe is super simple to make, the chicken stays juicy, and the finished dish tastes delicious.

Collection of 20 Fall Decorating Ideas

September 9, 2013

Fall is my favorite season for decorating.  I just love the colors, textures, and how easy it is to add a pumpkin or some leaves to a display and look decorated.  The reds, oranges, browns, and golds all mix and match so well into any display.  

Organizing Inspiration

So, I am officially back after spending a week trying to clean up from a flood in my basement.  Luckily, the basement is unfinished and most of what got wet was able to be dried.  But the basement is used primarily for storage, laundry, and working on projects, so there was a lot that needed moved to let the basement dry out properly.  Needless to say, I've been busy!

As I moved and stacked box after box, I was encouraged to get cleaned up and organized.  I always claim that I want my space (and life) to be neat and simple, but don't do much to get it that way.  In terms of the basement, I have a lot of "supplies" for my crafts and DIY projects.  I unfortunately see a lot of potential in many things (which I assume is the a trait many of you creative readers share with me!), and I love a good yard sale, flea market, or trip to Goodwill.  These two characteristics provide for a large "To Do" pile, but not enough time or will to actually get them done.  I'm trying my best to look at my "collection" and evaluate what I can really get done and what I purchased only because it was a great deal.  The running joke in my family is that I will buy anything if it is a dollar!  I think that might have to change!

I'll Be Missing for a Week

September 3, 2013

Hope all of you had a good labor day weekend.  Mine started out well as I began painting the living room (a project I can't wait to show you when it is all done).  Unfortunately, Saturday night into Sunday rain moved into my area  and caused the basement to flood with about 3 inches of water.  Totally unexpected because our basement does not typically get water in it.  For that reason, I'm taking this week away from my blog to get things cleaned up.  I'll be back next week (hopefully) with some great fall-inspired posts.  And you'll definitely want to check in next Friday when I'll be doing my first blog swap with Lisa from Mabey She Made It.  I'm so excited to see what Lisa has in store for you and excited to share my project with not just all of you, but all of her readers, too!!!  Enjoy your week!

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