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August 26, 2013

I'm amazed at how quickly the weekend can pass.  I spent Saturday doing some weeding in the flower beds since the weather was so nice.

Getting your outdoor areas ready in spring is so much easier when you've taken the time at the end of summer to clean everything up.  Unfortunately, summer is coming to an end soon,  and surprisingly enough, I've gotten a good start at getting everything in order!

In other totally unrelated news, I'm so excited to see that HGTV is playing a marathon of Sarah's House tomorrow, August 27 and next Tuesday, September 3.  If you have never seen any of Sarah Richardson's shows (Design Inc, Sarah 101 and Sarah's House), now is the time to watch.

I'm such a fan of her designs and ideas for transforming your space.  In Sarah's House, she buys a house and totally renovates it into an updated, well decorated space.  While a lot of designers seem to visit the most expensive stores and buy items  out of my price range, Sarah spends a lot of her time shopping at auctions and in thrift stores.  Although many of the things that she buys are still out of my budget, it's possible to recreate what she does with what you can find yourself in thrift stores or have around the house.  She also mixes and matches different patterns and textures to create amazing spaces.  And while some decorating shows are incredibly scripted and serious, Sarah portrays a lot of natural humor and you actually get to see when things don't go as planned with a project.

I though I'd share a few of my favorite Sarah's House pictures to inspire you to watch:

As with a lot of Sarah Richardson's designs, this whole display could be easily recreated in your own home.  I just love the unique idea of filling the wall with different hats.  The entire vignette seems so simple, but really looks complete.

The two different colored cabinets in this kitchen really pop....such a fresh yellow color against the clean white.  And the unique lights over the island are great!

Again, another very styled, complete the light, "art" over the fireplace, and coffee table.  She definitely doesn't skimp on the furniture in room.

This bedroom is from a farmhouse that she converted, so I really love the style.  The colors of the room all appear in the pillows on the bed.  This is one of the reasons why her rooms are always so amazing....You'd think that the fabrics she picks out will look horrible together, but she brings everything together nicely.  The quilt adds such a homey touch to the room.  And again, I love the light!

And finally, this is probably one of my favorite Sarah rooms....The gray and white color scheme is very modern but still has all the character that her rooms traditionally have.  There is a lot of pattern and texture with the fabric and furniture choices.  The entire space is open and has the kitchen, a dining area, and a sitting area, making it a great place to entertain or spend time with family.  And again, I love the lights!  (I'm sensing a theme here!)

Hope this inspires you to watch Sarah's House.....Be sure to tune in tomorrow at 7:30AM and take a moment to check out her website, too!  You'll be inspired!

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