Craft Paint Organization

August 9, 2013

I have a lot of craft paints because I do a lot of decorative painting.  I currently use a rolling cart that has a fold out  table to do all my painting and crafting.  The cart has four drawers, so I have the perfect place to store my craft paints.  Rather than throwing them in the drawer, though, I wanted a way that I could store the paints neatly and make it pretty to look at.

I saw on I Heart Organizing, Jen created organizers for her office drawer using cereal boxes and wrapping paper.  Cereal boxes wouldn't really help me, but I found that a cracker box would hold 9 paints perfectly.  Even better, I am able to fit three boxes across my drawer.

I was looking for some bright and cheerful paper and found it at Hobby Lobby.  The paper is double sided, so I decided to use the colorful patterned side to cover the outside of my boxes and the yellow polka dot side to line each of my four drawers.

I waited until I had collected three cracker boxes so that I could complete the project all at one time.  To start constructing my organizers, I set the empty cracker box inside my drawer and marked off where the top of the drawer was on the box.  Then I used an X-acto knife to cut a straight line around the box.

Since to top edge of the box was a little rough and lightly sanded it with sandpaper to smooth the edge out.

I made a template using regular white paper to figure out how I needed to cut my scrapbook paper.  Good thing, too, because I measured wrong the first time that I did it and would have cut the scrapbook paper wrong!

As luck would have it, my scrapbook paper measures 12x12, and adding up the sides of my box also measured approximately 12x12.  To figure out how big of a piece I needed, I added the height of the side twice and the size of the base of the box.  Since my box was square I only had to figure out one total.

Once I had gotten my measurements right, I laid the dimensions out on the back of my scrapbook paper.  (You'll have to look really closely to see my lines drawn on!)

Then I cut my scrapbook paper on the lines to make it easier to fold.  The easiest way to tell you to cut is to say that I left two squares attached around the entire piece.

I folded the paper on the lines I'd drawn and then creased them using a bone folder.  You know how I love my Martha Stewart tools....unfortunately this is one of the tools I don't have.

The paper was wrapped onto the box and taped using double sided tape.  The last square slides in under the first section that was put on.

I'm alright with the fact that my box is still a box on the inside, but you could also wrap the inside of the box with paper if you'd like.  Looking at this picture, I'm thinking maybe I should have wrapped the inside with the yellow paper.  Another trip to Hobby Lobby might be in my future!

As I already said, nine bottles of craft paint fit perfectly into the box.  I like to store the bottles upside down so that I can see what color they are.  When you go to use the bottle of paint after doing this be sure to shake it first or you'll get a big gob of paint that oozes out of the bottle when you open it.  Sounds nice, right?

The yellow paper was set in the drawer as a liner to add some color.  It wasn't exactly big enough to fill the drawer, but I'm okay with that...It still looks fresh and bright!

The three boxes fit across my drawer, and I have enough space to lay the bigger 8 ounce bottles down behind them.  I have a black basket that holds my Sharpies and a few small tools.

So now that I've organized my paint supply, how do you organize yours?

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